Monster Hunter Rise - Wirebug Guide

A guide on how to use the Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on the Wirebug tool, basic mechanics, special actions, controls, and useful strategies when using it.

Monster Hunter Rise - Wirebug Guide

Wirebug Guide

What is the Wirebug?

Monster Hunter Rise - Wirebug

The Wirebug is an endemic life that is used as a tool in Monster Hunter Rise that lets you perform a variety of actions to traverse the map, evade and recover from enemy attacks, throw out Silkbind Attacks unique to your equipped weapon using filaments, and mount monsters for Wyvern Riding. A pair of wirebugs accompany the hunter in his journey but he can also temporarily increase the wirebug gauge by befriending one more wirebug.

New Features

Monster Hunter Rise - Wirebug Gauge

The Wirebug can be used by expending Wirebug charges displayed at the bottom of the screen. When depleted, you will have to wait for a short period to deploy the Wirebug again so be sure to watch the gauge at all times, especially during combat. Using a silkbind attack spends wirebug gauge, the hunter may consume more gauge to unleash certain attacks than others.

In addition, hunters can also use wirebugs to fast travel from one sub-camp to the next.

Special Actions


Monster Hunter Rise - Wiredash

Causes you to dash toward a specific direction depending on the button pressed together with ZL. Wiredash is useful for repositioning, gaining height advantage over monsters, or for dodging certain monsters’ attacks.

Input Action Details
ZL + A Forward Wiredash Dashes toward direction you are facing.
ZL + X Upward Wiredash Dashes upward.
ZL + ZR Reticle Wiredash (dashes to the direction of where you aim the reticle). Can be performed performed again after going into the air.
ZL + A (while airborne) Downward Wiredash (air) Dashes down toward the direction you are facing while airborne.
ZL + X (while airborne) Forward Wiredash (air) Dashes toward the direction you are facing while airborne.
A (hold while airborne) Wirebug Hang (air) Allows you to halt in the air. Can evade with Left Stick (direction) + B. Release A to stop hanging.


Monster Hunter Rise - Wirefall

Allows you to quickly recover from being knocked down by enemy attacks. Very useful for avoiding a monster’s follow-up strike to prevent you from getting stunned.

Input Action Details
ZL + B (after getting knocked down) Wirefall Dashes toward the direction you are facing after getting knocked down.

Wall Run

Monster Hunter Rise - Wall Run

Lets you run on walls by performing a Wiredash towards them. While Wall Running, you can move horizontally or vertically at the cost of stamina. Very useful for quickly climbing up mountain sides or even evading attacks.

Input Action Details
ZL + X/A (towards a wall) Wall Run Dashes toward a wall and lets you run sideways, up, or down. Moving on the wall expends stamina.
X (during Wall Run) Jump Off Performs a somersault off a wall. Aerial attacks can be done while jumping off.

Silkbind Attack

Monster Hunter Rise - Silkbind Attacks

Allows you to perform Silkbind Attacks. Each weapon type has its unique Silkbind Attack with different animations, advantages, and disadvantages. It is recommended to try as many weapons as you can to learn the characteristics of their Silkbind Attacks.

Input Action Details
ZL + X/A (towards a monster with melee weapon equipped) Silkbind Attack (melee) Performs your equipped melee weapon’s Silkbind attack.
R + X/A (towards a monster with ranged weapon equipped) Silkbind Attack (ranged) Performs your equipped ranged weapon’s Silkbind attack.

Wyvern Riding

Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding

The Wirebug is also used for mounting large monsters for Wyvern Riding, letting you temporarily take control of the monster to fight. Wyverns can become mountable by attacking them with Silkbind Attacks, letting them fight other monsters, or using your surroundings.

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