Monster Hunter Rise - Palico Guide

Guide on Palico companions in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic features of Palicoes, Matatabi Balls, mechanics, Palico customization, and Palico equipment.

Monster Hunter Rise - Palico Guide

Palico Guide

What are Palicoes?

Monster Hunter Rise - Palico

Loyal Hunting Companions in Monster Hunter Rise

Palicoes are feline companions that make their return in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Like Palamutes, Palicoes will fight alongside you in battle by using various types of support abilities. A hunter can choose to bring up to two furry companions which can either be different or the same species. In co-op play, each hunter can have one companion.

Palamute Guide

Companions Specializing in Support

Palicoes have access to different skills such as setting traps, health and stamina recovery, and even dealing damage. They offer more versatility compared to Palamutes which focus on offense as a means of helping you out in battle.

Felvine Bulb

Monster Hunter Rise - Palico

Palicoes are able to use unique items called Felvine Bulb to grant them temporary buffs during quests. Use the action slider to use a Felvine Bulb to improve your buddy’s performance in combat. Effects include restoring health, chance to trigger support action or evasive moves.


Monster Hunter Rise - Palico

Matatabi Balls grant a number of useful effects when used on your Palico.

  • Health recovery
  • Increase support skill activation chance
  • Increased evasion against enemy attacks
  • Increased attack power

One (1) Matatabi Ball is obtained when you bring a Palico with you at the start of the quest. Be sure to use the item wisely as its effect only lasts for a few minutes.

Communicating with your Palico

Monster Hunter Rise - Palico

You can command your Palico to perform certain actions when out in the field using the action slider. Among these is the “wait” command which puts your Palico into a standby state. You can also ask them to “shake” or “play.”

Palico Customization

Monster Hunter Rise - Palico

You will be able to customize your Palico’s appearance in the game, though the options are much more limited compared to your character’s customization options. Feel free to choose your buddy’s type of coat (fur), eyes, ears, and a few more details to suit your liking.

Monster Hunter Rise - Palico

You can also choose your Palico’s support type which is akin to the kind of playstyle your buddy takes on during combat.

Support Types

Name Type Moves


Weapons and Armor

Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Palico Armor Set Monster Hunter Rise - Aknosom Palico Armor Set Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth Palico Armor Set

You can forge different Palico weapons and armor at the Buddy Smithy next to Hamon the Blacksmith at the main area of Kamura Village. As with hunter equipment, Palico weapons and armor require monster materials to craft.

Layered Armor

Monster Hunter Rise - Palico

Palicoes can also use layered armor to alter their appearance. By pre-ordering the game, you will receive the Palico Forest Cat and Palamute Retriever layered armor sets.

Game Editions and Pre-order Bonuses

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