Monster Hunter Rise - New Features

List of features in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Features

New Features

The world of Monster Hunter Rise is home to monsters both big and small with new monsters joining the fray. There are eight new monsters, putting the total to 28 monsters.

New Monsters

Use the Wirebug

Unlock stylish moves using the wirebug. The wirebug offers moves that can be used to cross tough terrain. Different actions include a fast aerial dash and walking across walls. Hunters can also rely on the wirebug to bust out some evasive moves when knocked back or pull off offensive attacks with the all-new silkbind attack. All these new moves spend a portion of the wirebug gauge and will differ based on the move used.

Wirebug Guide

Wyvern Riding

While monsters are normally hunted, you can also turn them into an ally. Use distractions such as leading them to another monster’s territory or use a volley of wirebug moves to catch them off guard. Another way is to rely on Endemic Life. While the monster is busy, sneak up on it and knock it out or put back your weapon to mount it.

Wyvern Riding Guide

Endemic Life

The environment is home to monsters and various forms of endemic life. Endemic Life are small creatures that grant effects that can be beneficial on your quest. There are different types of creatures which grant ranging from stat buffs. There are also endemic life known as Hunting Helpers which aid in battles against monsters.

Endemic Life

A new ally

Palamutes are canine-like companions introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. While they share many similarities and function, Palamutes boast better combat abilities than their feline counterparts.

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The Petalace is a gear that you can equip to gain boosts to your health, stamina, or attack power from pollen carried by Spiribirds. The type of buffs you will receive and the duration that they remain active depend on kind of Petalace you are currently wearing.

Petalace Guide

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