Monster Hunter Rise - How to Capture Monsters

Guide on how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including steps on how to weaken it and capture it.

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Capture Monsters

How to Capture Monsters

The purpose of capturing monsters is to earn more rewards after accomplishing a hunt. In order to capture a monster, you’ll need to prepare in advance. Ensure that you have equipped the suitable gear before setting out for more survivability. Stockpile on consumables such as pitfall traps or Tranq Bombs.

Head to the location

Make your way to the monster’s location to commence the battle. Whittle it down using your chosen weapon, depending on the difficulty, you may need to follow the appropriate boss guide to cause it to limp. While it’s limping, the monster will retreat to its lair. Check the map, if a skull icon appears on the monster’s spot, this signals that it is weak enough to be captured. Chase it all the way to the den, and plant a trap near its resting spot. After catching the monster with the trap, put it to sleep using Tranq Bombs and then imprison it.

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