Monster Hunter Rise - Which Version of Monster Hunter Rise Should You Buy

Comparison between the Physical version and the Digital download of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including pros and cons for each, and recommendations.

Monster Hunter Rise - Which Version of Monster Hunter Rise Should You Buy

Which Version of Monster Hunter Rise Should You Buy


The physical game does not require SD card storage which is suitable for players who don’t want to invest on it. Another reason to choose physical over digital is that you can avail of eshop benefits. You can also opt to resell it if you choose not to play it again.

One of the flaws with the physical copy is the need to store it safely. Another disadvantage is that it costs much more than the digital download.

Digital Download

Unlike the physical game, the digital download costs less and does not suffer from the longer loading times during play. Players also don’t have to worry about limited stocks with digital download provided that they have a working internet connection.

Unlimited stocks

Players who choose to go the digital route can purchase and enjoy the game at the comfort of their home almost instantly when the games hit the digital shelves on its release date. Another advantage with the digital version is that you can reinstall the game free-of-charge if you accidentally erase it from the library.

Like with other digital games, the digital download takes some space from your SD card.

Which one should you choose

Side by side, the digital download offers more advantages compared to the physical version. Players who have a luxury of storage space on their SD card can enjoy the benefits of the digital download due to its ease of use.

Game Editions and Pre-order Bonuses

However, if you’re the type of player who can’t afford to invest on a high-capacity SD card, you can opt for the physical version. Other players who wish to forego investing on a SD card in exchange for a collectible version that comes with a bonus pack can opt to get either the Deluxe edition or the Collector’s edition.

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