Monster Hunter Rise - Best Weapon Type for Beginners

List of recommended Weapons Types for beginners in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Each weapon is evaluated based on its suitability for new players.

Monster Hunter Rise - Best Weapons for Beginners

Best Weapon Types for Beginners in Monster Hunter Rise

Here is our breakdown of each Weapon Type in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). This includes an overview of their unique characteristics and properties. Also, their fit for new players in the game.

Best Weapons

Keep in mind that this list only aims to suggest which weapons most first-time players might find easy to use as they progress through the game’s main quests. After trying out all weapons, simply choose one that you have the most fun using.

Tips for Beginners

Great Sword Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Sword

Beginner Recommendation
  • Relatively simple moveset and mechanics
  • Access to guard
  • Able to easily get into position to attack with Power Sheathe (Silkbind Attack) while gaining temporary increase in attack power.

Great Sword Weapon Guide

Long Sword Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Long Sword

Beginner Recommendation
  • Has decent recovery per swing
  • Very good attack range makes it easy to hit monsters
  • Access to a good evasive move (Parting Slash) and counter (Serene Pose – Silkbind Attack)

Long Sword Weapon Guide

Sword and Shield Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Sword & Shield

Beginner Recommendation
  • Very good recovery per swing
  • Access to guard
  • Able to use recovery items while weapon is unsheathed.

Sword and Shield Weapon Guide

Dual Blades Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades

Beginner Recommendation
  • High damage-per-second with good recovery but suffers from short reach
  • Requires constant management of stamina when using Demonization
  • Demonization significantly changes moveset which may require more practice than with other melee weapons

Dual Blades Weapon Guide

Lance Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance

Beginner Recommendation
  • Able to guard and attack at the same time
  • Increased mobility with Twin Vine (Silkbind Attack)
  • Using Twin Vine causes monsters to target you after using the move which may be troublesome for beginners

Lance Weapon Guide

Gunlance Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance

Beginner Recommendation
  • Coordinating actions between shooting and reloading may be a bit tedious for beginners
  • Using items may be too troublesome due to the weapon’s slow speed
  • Getting used to Wyrmstake Shot and Wyvern’s Fire may take longer to get used to compared to other weapons’ mechanics

Gunlance Weapon Guide

Hammer Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Hammer

Beginner Recommendation
  • Relatively simple moveset and mechanics
  • Grants decent mobility even when weapon is unsheathed
  • Both Impact Crater and Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon (Silkbind Attacks) are good for hitting targets above.

Hammer Weapon Guide

Hunting Horn Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Hunting Horn

Beginner Recommendation
  • Able to support allies with healing and buffs, making it excellent for multiplayer
  • Requires memorizing musical patterns to activate weapon skills
  • May prove too complex to use for beginners to activate Magnificent Trio and Infernal Melody to benefit from their effects

Hunting Horn Weapon Guide

Switch Axe Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe

Beginner Recommendation
  • Somewhat complex moveset that requires getting used to more so than other melee weapons.
  • Great versatility by being able to switch from sword and axe forms.
  • Invincible Gambit (Silkbind Attack) grants immunity to flinching and being knocked down during execution and can be used as a mobility tool.

Switch Axe Weapon Guide

Charge Blade Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Charge Blade

Beginner Recommendation
  • Access to guard
  • Complex moveset may be too difficult for beginners to get used to
  • Requires phial management to get the best damage output

Charge Blade Weapon Guide

Insect Glaive Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive

Beginner Recommendation
  • Moveset may be too complex for beginners, especially with the addition of unique aerial attacks
  • Requires knowing when to use Kinsects to harvest extracts from monsters
  • Kinsect stamina management may be too tedious for beginners

Insect Glaive Weapon Guide

Light Bowgun Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Light Bowgun

Beginner Recommendation
  • Ranged weapon lets you attack from a safe distance
  • Easy to use, particularly when switching from evading to shooting
  • Can support allies with various recovery and buff type ammo in multiplayer

Light Bowgun Weapon Guide

Heavy Bowgun Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Heavy Bowgun

Beginner Recommendation
  • High ranged weapon damage but requires managing special ammo and charged shots
  • Mobility is very limited, especially when the weapon is unsheathed
  • Free Silkbind Glide and Countershot (Silkbind Attacks) somewhat make up for the poor mobility but requires Wirebug charges to execute.

Heavy Bowgun Weapon Guide

Bow Weapon Type

Monster Hunter Rise - Bow

Beginner Recommendation
  • Relatively simple mechanics
  • Good evasive movement by being able to dodge after shooting
  • Focus Shot allows you to more easily manage stamina

Bow Weapon Guide

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