Monster Hunter Rise - Cohoot Guide

A guide on Cohoots, a new type of pet in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on Cohoots, features, how to unlock, village and quest actions, and Cohoot outfits.

Monster Hunter Rise - Cohoot Guide

Cohoot Guide

What are Cohoots?

Monster Hunter Rise - Cohoot

Cohoots are a type of pet in Monster Hunter Rise that closely resemble owls. They help you on your quest by marking the location of all monsters on the map.

Monster Hunter Rise - Cohoot

You can also interact with your Cohoot while in Kamura Village, similar to the Poogie pet in previous Monster Hunter titles.

How to Unlock Cohoots

It is assumed that you will obtain your very own Cohoot early in the game. More information on this will be added when the game comes out.

Cohoot Actions (Kamura Village)

Monster Hunter Rise - Pet Cohoot

You can call your Cohoot to come to you anytime you are in Kamura Village. When it lands on your arm, you will be able to perform certain actions to increase your affection with your feathered friend.

Monster Hunter Rise - Feeding Cohoot

Cohoot Village Commands

Input Action

Cohoot Actions (During Quest)

When the quest begins, the Cohoot will be released to track monsters roaming in the current locale and will mark them on your map.

Note that Cohoots only serve to guide you on the locations of monsters in the field and will not engage or attack them unlike Palico and Palamutes.

Cohoot Outfits

You can dress your Cohoot with various types of outfits which are likely to be unlocked by meeting certain conditions in the game. It has not been revealed, however, whether clothing has any effect on the Cohoot’s performance and abilities.

How to Get Cohoot Outfits

Coming soon.

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