Monster Hunter Rise - How to Reroll Buddy Skills

A guide on how to reroll Palico and Palamute skills at the Buddy Scout facility in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Detailed here are the steps to get buddies with the best skills by rerolling the buddy list and settings that can be changed after hiring.

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Reroll Buddy Skills

How to Reroll Palico and Palamute Skills

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Reroll Buddy Skills

You can reroll the list of Palicoes and Palamutes that appear at the Buddy Scout (Buddy Plaza) to hire buddies with skills that you like. This can be done using a simple method detailed below.

Buddy Scout Guide

Steps to Reroll Buddy Skills

1 Go to the Buddy Scout facility.
2 Specify the scouting conditions for the buddy.
3 Clear a quest.
4 Check the Buddy Scout facility again and check the hire list.
5 If you find a buddy with skills that you like, hire them.
6 If not, repeat steps 3 to 5.

Settings that Can Be Change for Buddies


1 Appearance
2 Voice
3 Support Type

Palico Styles Guide


1 Appearance
2 Voice

Palamute Styles Guide

Tips for Rerolling Buddy Skills Fast

Clear gathering quests.

Sine rerolling requires you to clear any quest, you should do those that can be cleared quickly. Gathering quests, in particular, are excellent for finding a Palico or Palamute with ideal skills. Hunting and slaying quests, however, take too much time so avoid them when using this method.

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