Monster Hunter Rise - Post-game Unlockables

A guide on all features which can be accessed after beating Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on unlocked features and upgrades, and the final Village Quest.

Monster Hunter Rise - Post-game Unlockables

Post-game Unlockables

New features are unlocked after clearing Monster Hunter Rise’s (MH Rise) final Village Quest. You will be tasked with slaying the elder dragon Narwa to access the extra post-game options detailed below.

Features Unlocked After Clearing

  • Maca Alchemy is improved.
  • Armor piece and petalace coloring is unlocked.
  • Narwa slaying mark is displayed next to player name.

Narwa Slaying Mark

Monster Hunter Rise - Narwa Slaying Mark

After defeating the final monster Narwa, the Narwa slaying mark will be displayed next to your name.

Monster Hunter Rise - Objectives After Clearing

Note that objective will not be visible after beating Narwa as well (to be confirmed).

Narwa Slaying Urgent Quest

Monster Hunter Rise - Narwa Slaying Quest

The last Village Quest in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), ★7 Raijin, requires you to slay the elder dragon Narwa. Note that the maximum Hunter Rank (HR) in the game is HR7. An update (Ver. 2.0) coming in April, however, will increase the HR cap to HR8.

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