Monster Hunter Rise - Fastest Way to Move Around the Map

A guide on how to move around the map the fastest way using drift-dash in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are the conditions to perform drift-dash, steps to execute it, and other useful information.

Monster Hunter Rise - Monster Hunter Rise

How to Move Around the Map the Fastest Way

Drift-Dash during Palamute Mount

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Drift Dash

The best way to cover as much ground quickly in the game is to ride the Palamute and perform a drift-dash sequence. This is a simple technique that alternates between dash and drift to gain more speed while mounted.

Palamute Guide

How to Drift-Dash

1 Mount your Palamute.
2 Dash while moving using R.
3 Press ZL to drift (even when going in a straight line).
4 Dash for 2 to 3 seconds after drifting.
5 Drift again with ZL after the dash.

Performing drift-dash allows you to move faster than just simply dashing with R. Use it as much as possible when traveling long distances or when chasing fleeing monsters during quests.

Other Notes

  • Drift-dash will be interrupted when you move normally in just a few steps or when collecting items in the field.
  • Using items such as potions or the whetstone while mounted will also stop the drift-dash. Be sure to use the technique only when your focus is to cover ground to reach your destination.

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