Monster Hunter Rise - How to Play Multiplayer

A guide on how to play multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise. Included are basic information on online and local co-op, requirements for multiplayer, differences from solo play, and other useful tips.

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Play Online Multiplayer

Co-op Multiplayer

Monster Hunter Rise supports both online and local multiplayer, allowing you to play with up to three (3) other players on quests.

Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and an internet connection to play. Note that it is already possible to play online in the demo version of Monster Hunter Rise.

Local Multiplayer (Offline)

Monster Hunter Rise can also be played with up friends even without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and internet connection.

Local multiplayer only requires each player to have their Nintendo Switches and the demo version of Monster Hunter Rise installed. Simply meet-up with your friends in a comfortable area to begin a local multiplayer session.

How to Download Monster Hunter Rise Demo

How to Set-up Multiplayer

1 Select “Play with Everyone” on the menu screen.
2 Select “Play Locally” (offline) or “Play Online”.
3 Find the lobby (room) to begin co-op play.

Differences from Solo Play

Increased Target Monster HP

The target monster’s HP significantly increases during co-op play since there is more than one hunter taking on quest. The increase in monster health is very noticeable during multiplayer quests and even makes hunts take longer than when you play solo, despite having a four-person party during the quest.

Useful Information during Multiplayer

Be mindful of your attacks when near allies.

Various weapon attacks, especially high-impact ones using hammers, great swords, and even the heavy bowgun, can cause nearby allies to get knocked away. Many players, especially those you meet online, find this frustrating so be sure to place your attacks carefully to prevent accidents from happening.

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