Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Charge Blade

Guide on how to use the Charge Blade weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Charge Blade

Monster Hunter Rise - Charge Blade


X Check sword
X + A Rush sword
L + A (during combo) Moving sword
ZR + X Deform
ZR + A Charge
ZR Guard
A (hold) Double sword

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Sample combos

  • X + A → X → X
  • A (hold) → X + A → X + A → ZR
  • A (hold) → ZR + A → X (hold)
  • L + X → A → A
  • X → A → X → A

New Attacks

Gain Super Armor

Wielding the Charge Blade gives access to Morphing Advance a silkbind attack that makes use of the wirebug. The attack propels the hunter and turns the weapon into an axe. While the attack is in effect, the hunter gains super armor and can follow up with attacks.

Maximize phials

Another attack is Counter Peak Performance. Raise the shield to block incoming attacks. Deflecting the attack fully recharges your phials.

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