Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Light Bowgun

Guide on how to use the Light Bowgun weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Light Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise - Light Bowgun


ZL Aim
ZR Shoot
A Detonation
X Reload
L + X / L + B Select Ammo
X + A Melee attack

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Sample combos


New attacks

Wielding a Light Bowgun grants the hunter Silkbind Glide, a silkbind attack that provides a speed buff that can be followed up with a close range attack.

Another silkbind attack that can be done with the same weapon is Fanning Vault. The hunter makes use of a wirebug to leap straight. There are many follows up that can be performed after the first command such as unloading a shot, reloading, or using Wyvernblast.


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