Monster Hunter Rise - Mizutsune Monster Guide, Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It

Guide on how to beat Mizutsune in Monster Hunter Rise. Included are Mizutsune's stats, location, weaknesses, resistances, elemental affinities, breakable parts, weak points, monster carve, drop, and reward materials, and monster strategy.

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Monster Hunter Rise - Mizutsune Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It


Monster Hunter Rise - Mizutsune

Mizutsune Locations

Locale Shrine Ruins
Starting Location
Nest Location

Mizutsune Stats

Type Element Ailments Inflicted
Leviathan Water Bubbleblight
Roar Wind Pressure Vibration
Level 1 None None

Mizutsune Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Points

Weak Points Head, tail
Breakable Parts Head, back, hind legs
Severable Parts Tail

Elemental Affinities

Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon


Poison Paralysis Sleep
Blast Stun Desperate
Mounting Pitfall Trap Sweetbread Trap
Flash Bomb Sonic Bomb Trap Meat
× ×
Dung Bomb Dragonseal


Material How to Obtain Notes
Mizutsune Scale Body carving
Mizutsune Claw Body carving
Mizutsune Purplefur Body carving
Bubblefoam Body carving
Mizutsune Tail Tail caring Sever tail


Use Thunder Weapons

Thunder weapons are very effective against Mizutsune so be sure to use them when taking on the leviathan.

Aim for Mizutune’s head and tail.

Mizutsune’s weak points are its head and tail. The latter is much safer to hit as it lets you avoid most of its frontal attacks. When going for the monster’s head, you will need to look for safe openings to attack, particularly when it misses you with its bubble shots and slide.

Avoid Mizutsune’s bubble attacks

Mizutsune’s bubble attacks inflicts Bubbleblight that causes you to easily slip when moving and makes you an easy target for the monster’s follow-up attacks. Try to fight Mizutsune in an area where you have plenty of room to move around whenever it launches bubbles at you.

Bring Cleansers

You might want to bring a good supply of Cleansers to cure yourself of Bubbleblight if you find yourself struggling to dodge the monster’s bubbles during the fight.

Body Spin Attack

Mizutsune will coil itself before unleashing a spin attack that also shoots out bubbles. Fortunately, the windup is quite long, allowing you to get away from its attack range to avoid it.

Slide to Water Blast Combo

Mizutsune will slide towards you from a distance and will leave a trail of bubbles in the path it traveled. It will then immediately turn around and shoot a water beam straight at its target. After avoiding the slide, immediately run sideways or to the monster’s side to avoid it and get in a few good hits before it retaliates.

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