Monster Hunter Rise - Hunting Horn Weapons

List of Hunting Horn weapons that can be obtained and crafted in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapons are organized by their Weapon Tree in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise - Hunting Horn Weapon List Weapon Tree

List of Hunting Horn Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Hunting Horn Weapon List Weapon Tree

The Hunting Horn is one of the fourteen weapon types the player can pick when hunting Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon type benefits from its team buffs, dealing blunt damage that can be repeated, and its usage of notes and melodies for battle compared to other weapon types.

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For a list of weapon attacks and combos, read our Hunting Horn Weapon Guide:

Weapon Guide for Hunting Horn

For a list of recommended weapon skills, read our Hunting Horn Skill Guide:

Best Skills for Hunting Horn

Here is a list of Hunting Horn weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapons are organized by their upgrade paths in the game.

Hunting Horn Best Weapons

Weapon Attack Power Element Damage Affinity Materials Suitability
Kamura Chorus II 60 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Low Rank Quests
  • For 1★ Quests to 4★ Quests
Zurogon Primo II 110 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Low Rank Quests
  • For 2★ Quests to 4★ Quests
Frog Flute II 160 Water 16 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Mid Rank Quests
  • For 4★ Quests to 6★ Quests
Sinister Shadestrum 180 Explosive 23 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For High Rank Quests
  • For 7★ Quests or higher
  • For End Game Quests
Rampage Agitato IV 200 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For End Game Quests

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Hunting Horn Weapon Trees

Here are Hunting Horn Weapon Trees in Monster Hunter Rise:

Hunting Horn Kamura Weapon Tree

Kamura Chorus I (Forge)
┗ Kamura Chorus II
┃┣ Kamura Chorus III
┃┣ Kamura Chorus IV
┃┃ ┗ Kamura Chorus V (Forge)
┃┣ Poetic Bell I (Forge)
┃┃ ┗ Poetic Bell II
┃┃┃┗ Sublime Bell I (Forge)
┃┃┃┃┗ Sublime Bell II
┃┗ Basarios Rock I
┃┃┣ Basarios Rock Mk. II
┃┃┃┗ Gigant Rock I
┃┃┗ Usurper’s Growl I (Forge)
┃┃┃┗ Usurper’s Growl II
┃┃┃┃┗ Despot’s Thunderclap
┗ Zurogong Primo I
┃┣ Zurogong Primo II
┃┃┣ Zurogong Secundo
┃┃┗ Striped Dragonga I
┃┃┃┗ Striped Dragonga II
┃┣ Bariguiro I
┃┃┗ Bariguiro II
┃┃┃┗ Algiguiro
┃┗ Frilled Flute I (Forge)
┃┃┗ Frilled Flute II
┃┃┃┗ Illusory Flute

Hunting Horn Ore Weapon Tree

Iron Horn I (Forge)
┣ Wind Horn
┃┣ Metal Bagpipe I
┃┃┣ Great Bagpipe
┃┃┃┃┗ Fortissimo
┃┃┃┗ Hidden Harmonic I (Forge)
┃┃┃┃┗ Hidden Harmonic II
┃┃┣ Pukei Bagpipe I
┃┃┃┗ Pukei Bagpipe II
┃┃┃┃┣ Datura Lurr
┃┃┃┃┗ Flammenkornett I (Forge)
┃┃┃┃┃┗ Flammenkornett II
┃┃┃┃┃┃┗ Forte Flammenkornett
┃┃┗ Valkyrie Chordmaker I (Forge)
┃┃┃┗ Valkyrie Chordmaker II
┃┣ Sandpipe I
┃┃┗ Sandpipe II
┃┃┃┗ Sandcrier
┃┗ Frog Flute I (Forge)
┗ Wind Thief Horn I (Forge)
┃┣ Wind Thief Horn II
┃┃┗ Gale Horn
┃┗ Droth Drone I
┃┃┗ Droth Drone II
┃┃┃┗ Droth Roar

Hunting Horn Bone Weapon Tree

Bone Horn I (Forge)
┗ Bone Horn II
┃┣ Hardened Bone Horn
┃┃┣ Hunter’s Horn I (Forge)
┃┃┃┣ Native’s Horn
┃┃┃┗ Duo Horn I (Forge)
┃┃┃┃┗ Duo Horn II
┃┃┗ Bull Grunt I (Forge)
┃┃┃┗ Bull Grunt II
┃┃┃┃┗ Wild Grunt
┃┣ Flame Feroce I
┃┣ Kulu Mosso I
┃┃┗ Kulu Mosso II
┃┗ Khezu Horn I (Forge)
┃┃┗ Khezu Horn II
┃┃┃┗ Khezu Flute

Hunting Horn Bnahabra Weapon Tree

Vicello Nulo I (Forge)
┣ Vicello Nulo II
┃┣ Vicello Unu
┃┃┗ Vicello Nulo Black I (Forge)
┃┃┃┗ Vicello Nulo Black II
┃┗ Vicello Nulo Green I
┃┃┗ Vicello Nulo Green II
┃┃┃┗ Vicello Unu Green
┗ Vicello Nulo White I
┃┗ Vicello Nulo White II
┃┃┗ Vicello Unu White

Hunting Horn Magnamalo Weapon Tree

Sinister Strum I (Forge)
┗ Sinister Strum II
┃┗ Sinister Shadestrum

Hunting Horn Rajang Weapon Tree

Denden Daiko I (Forge)
┗ Denden Daiko II

Hunting Horn Ibushi Weapon Tree

Azure Elder Horn I (Forge)
┗ Azure Elder Horn II

Hunting Horn Narwa Weapon Tree

Thunderbolt Horn I (Forge)

Hunting Horn Chaos Weapon Tree

Poison Fungasax I (Forge)
┗ Poison Fungasax II
┃┗ Toxic Fungasax

Hunting Horn Magia Weapon Tree

Magia Charm I (Forge)
┗ Magia Charm II
┃┗ Magia Charm III
┃┃┗ Magia Charmbell

Hunting Horn Magia Weapon Tree

Cornupion I (Forge)
┗ Cornupion II
┃┗ Webbed Cornupion

Hunting Horn Grass Flute Weapon Tree

Grass Flute I (Forge)
┗ Grass Flute II
┃┗ Bombadgy’s Cry

Hunting Horn Rampage Weapon Tree

Rampage Agitato  (Forge)
┗ Rampage Agitato II
┃┗ Rampage Agitato III

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