Monster Hunter Rise - Tea Shop Guide

A guide on the Kamura Village Tea Shop in Monster Hunter Rise. Included are basic information on the canteen facility, food and meals available, price, meal effects, and recommended meal combinations.

Monster Hunter Rise - Tea Shop Guide

Tea Shop Guide

What is the Tea Shop?

Monster Hunter Rise - Tea Shop Guide

The Tea Shop is a canteen facility that allows you to order meals that grant a number of useful effects in battle. These range from giving you increased maximum health and stamina to higher attack power, defense, and elemental resistance.

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page. New information will be added when the game comes out.

Monster Hunter Rise - Yomogi

Yomogi, the Kamura Village chef, is in-charge of the Tea Shop. Talk to her to know more about the facility or hear useful information in the game.

NPC Locations and Services

Take-out Food

You can also purchase food to go at the Tea Shop that you can use during quests. This is very useful for drawn-out hunts against powerful monsters that take some time to take down.

Tea Shop Menu

Below are the items you can order at the Kamura Village Tea Shop, including each meal’s price and effects.

Name Price (Z) Effects
Bunny Dango

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