Monster Hunter Rise - New Monsters

A list of new monsters appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are each monster's title, classification, and brief descriptions based on official source material.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Monsters

New Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

A host of new monsters make their debut in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) which are detailed below:

Unnamed Monster

Monster Hunter Rise - Unnamed Monster

Title ?
Class ?

A new unnamed monster was shown in the game’s official trailer. It appears to be an airborne wyvern or elder dragon with a glowing feather-like parts on its arms and back, large spikes that resemble bones on its head, and an incredibly wide jaw. It was also not revealed whether this new monster has any connection to the Rampage that occurs every year in Kamura Village.

Apex Arzuros

Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Arzuros

Title ?
Class Fanged Beast

Apex Arzuros is a new variant of the Fanged Beast Arzuros that appears during the Rampage. It has a noticeably darker coat and glowing red eyes. Apex Arzuros is assumed to be vastly more powerful than regular Arzuros and causes the Kamura Village leader Fugen to command all hunters to stop it from entering the settlement at all costs.


Monster Hunter Rise - Almudron

Title Elderly Mud Wyvern, Hermit of the Swamp
Class Leviathan

Monster Hunter Rise - Almudron

Almudron is a mountain dwelling Leviathan that has recently started attacking settlements because of the Rampage. In battle, Almudon can use mud for both attack and defense by imbuing its attacks with it or coating it around its body. The monster’s tail also secrets a golden fluid that can change stable land into quagmires that can suck in its prey.

Almudron Monster Guide


Monster Hunter Rise - Rakna-Kadaki

Title Empress Spider, Wandering Widow
Class Temnoceran

Monster Hunter Rise - Rakna-Kadaki

The Temnoceran Rakna-Kadaki’s body is shrouded in a thick gown-like web and inhabits the Lava Caverns. Rachnoids, the monster’s offspring, accompany it in battle to overwhelm its prey. Rakna-Kadaki uses its web to immobilize targets and will follow-up attacks that use burning gas.

Yatsukadaki Monster Guide


Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth

Title Mermaid Wyvern
Class Leviathan

Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth

Somnacanth is a graceful Leviathan that is often mistaken for a mermaid when it crests during moonlight nights. Despite its appearance, Somnacanth is very hostile towards trespassers. It will release an intoxicating gas from an organ on its neck to render prey helpless in battle.

Somnacanth Monster Guide


Monster Hunter Rise - Bishaten

Title Tengu Beast
Class Fanged Wyvern

Monster Hunter Rise - Bishaten

The mischievous Fanged Wyvern Bishaten is a swift forest dweller that likes to play pranks on hunters and other monsters alike. Despite being omnivorous in nature, it prefers fruits that it stocks in its belly pouch. Bishaten can then use its powerful tail to bat fruit at targets, inflicting a variety of status ailments to weaken foes.

Bishaten Monster Guide

Goss Harag

Monster Hunter Rise - Goss Harag

Title Snow Oni Beast
Class Fanged Wyvern

Monster Hunter Rise - Goss Harag

Goss Harag is a hulking Fanged Wyvern that walks the Frost Islands’ snowy fields. It is able to survive in frigid environments thanks to its incredibly thick fur. When attacking prey, it will inhale cold air to freeze its bodily fluids and spit them out as icy projectiles or use them as weapons.

Goss Harag Monster Guide


Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo

Title Malice Tiger Wyvern
Class Fanged Wyvern

Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo

Magnamalo is a fearsome Fanged Wyvern covered by an extremely tough purplish hide. It is told in legend that its armor-like body is the physical manifestation of the wrath of fallen warriors. Magnamalo is known to prey on monsters. Consuming them causes purple gas called “Hellfire” to rise from its body, allowing the Magnamalo to summon hellish purple flames to attack enemies. It can imbue many of its moves with Hellfire, making them even more powerful.

Magnamalo Monster Guide


Monster Hunter Rise - Aknosom

Title Parasol Bird
Class Bird Wyvern

Monster Hunter Rise - Aknosom

The crane-like Aknosom is a territorial Bird Wyvern that sports an elaborate collar around its head. It will scare of intruders by spreading its wings and reveal an eye-shaped crest on its head. If Aknosom is still challenged, it can transform its collar into a shield or bludgeoning weapon to defend and attack enemies.

Aknosom Monster Guide


Monster Hunter Rise - Tetranadon

Title Kappa Frog
Class Amphibian

Monster Hunter Rise - Tetranadon

Tetranodon, a massive Amphibian, is known for its insatiable appetite and can swallow anything in its path whole. This causes its belly to increase in size significantly, allowing it to use heavier yet much more sluggish attacks to crush foes in battle. Tetrandon also moves much slower in this state as a consequence of having a full stomach.

Tetranodon Monster Guide

Great Izuchi

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Izuchi

Title Kamaitachi Wyvern
Class Bird Wyvern

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Izuchi

Great Izuchi is the pack leader of the carnivorous Izuchi that commonly inhabit the forests around Kamura Village. It is much larger than its lesser kin and is able to command them to perform synchronized attacks to overwhelm unsuspecting prey.

Great Izuchi Monster Guide

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