Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Great Sword

Guide on how to use the Great Sword weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Great Sword

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Sword


X Vertical slash
A Nagisa
X + A Slash upward
A Tackle
ZR (while midair) Fall thrust
ZR Guard

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Sample combos

  • X → A → X → A
  • X → A → X + A → X
  • X → L + B → Y
  • X → L + X (hold)→ X (hold) → ZL + A
  • X → L + X → X → ZL + A
  • X (charge) → ZL + A
  • X (charge) → A

New attacks

Improve the weapon’s performance

Power Sheathe allows the hunter to boost his attack temporarily after putting back the weapon.

Doubles as a dodge move

Hunting Edge is another silkbind attack that allows the hunter to charge at the enemy. When the enemy is struck, the hunter can follow up with a Charged Slash or Charged Plunging Thrust while airborne. When facing an enemy that relies on ranged attacks, Hunting Edge can also be used to move out of an incoming projectile while punishing the enemy with an upward attack.


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