Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

Guide on Palamute companions in Monster Hunter Rise. Included are basic features of Palamutes, Palamute mounting, mechanics, Palamute customization, and Palamute equipment.

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

Palamute Guide

What are Palamutes?

New Hunting Companions in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

Palamutes are canine-like companions introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. Similar to Palicoes, Palamutes will fight alongside you in battle and act as more offense-focused buddies compared to the Palicoes.

Companions Specializing in Attack

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

While Palicoes mainly provide support such as healing and occasional buffs and debuffs on monsters, Palamutes contribute mainly on dealing damage. Blades are the primary weapons of Palamutes which they hold using their jaws to perform various slash attacks at close to mid range.

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

Monster Hunter Rise allows you to bring two companions during quests when playing offline. You can either bring one Palamute and one Palicoe with you or two of each kind. Note that it is only possible to bring one or the other in multiplayer.

Palamute Mounting

Move Around the Map Faster

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

Palamutes can be mounted to allow you to move around the map faster. You will not expend stamina while riding the Palamute, making it very useful for covering large distances during quests. Press A when near the Palamute or use the hunter command “Let me Ride!” by on the directional pad to ride.

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

Note that Palamutes can also climb walls with vines and do so much faster than the hunter.

Using Items While Mounted

You can use recovery items and even whetsones while riding the Palamute. This makes it very convenient for healing yourself or sharpening your weapon as you go after a fleeing monster.

Attacking While Mounted

It is also possible to make the Palamute attack while mounted, though it will only perform a close-range three-hit combo that does not do much damage.

Palamute Customization

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Guide

Similar to Palicoes, you can also customize the appearance of your Palamute, which include its coat, eyes, ears, tail, and voice.

Palamute Armor

Palamute Retriever (Pre-order Bonus)

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Retriever Layered Armor

Palamutes can also wear armor to grant them increased defense against various types of attacks. Upon pre-ordering the game, you will receive the “Palamute Retriever” and “Palicoe Forest Cat” layered armor sets. These are purely cosmetic sets that change the appearance of your companions to more domestic-looking pets.

Game Editions and Pre-order Bonuses

Sinister Seal (Palamute Amiibo)

Monster Hunter Rise - Sinister Seal Palamute Layered Armor

The “Sinister Seal” (Magnamalo) Palamute Armor, meanwhile, is obtained by scanning the Palamute Amiibo on your Nintendo Switch.

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