Monster Hunter Rise - Heavy Bowgun Weapons

List of Heavy Bowgun weapons that can be obtained and crafted in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapons are organized by their Weapon Tree in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise - Heavy Bowgun Weapon List

List of Heavy Bowgun Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Below is a list of Heavy Bowgun weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapons are organized by their upgrade paths in the game.

Heavy Bowgun Kamura Weapon Tree

Kamura H. Bowgun I (Attack 60)
┗Kamura H. Bowgun II (Attack 70)
┃┣ Kamura H. Bowgun III (Attack 100)
┃┃┣ Kamura H. Bowgun IV (Attack 140)
┃┃┃┃┗ Kamura H. Bowgun V (Attack 160)
┃┃┃┃┃┗ Kamura Ninja H. Bowgun (Attack 190)
┃┃┣ Tigrex Howl I (Attack 160)
┃┃┃┗ Tigrex Howl II (Attack 230)
┃┃┗ Cirrus Blaster I (Attack 130)
┃┃┃┗ Cirrus Blaster II (Attack 190)
┃┣ Reversal Shot I (Attack 110)
┃┃┣ Reversal Shot II (Attack 170)
┃┃┃┗ Reversal Shot III (Attack 180)
┃┃┃ ┗ Reversal Barrage (Attack 220)
┃┃┗ Queen’s Longfire I (Attack 120)
┃┃┃┗ Queen’s Longfire II (Attack 190)
┃┃┃┃┗ Guerrera Cannon I (Attack 180)
┃┃┃┃┃┗ Guerrera Cannon II (Attack 190)
┃┗ Arzuros Gun I (Attack 100)
┃┃┗ Arzuros Gun II (Attack 120)
┃┃┣ Arzuros Fishergun (Attack 170)
┃┃┣ Usurper’s Tremor I (Attack 140)
┃┃┃┗ Usurper’s Tremor II (Attack 200)
┃┃┗ Despot’s Paroxysm (Attack 220)

Heavy Bowgun Ore Weapon Tree

Iron Assault I (Attack 80)
┣ Iron Assault II (Attack 100)
┃┣ Steel Assault (Attack 140)
┃┃┗ Striker’s Bowgun I (Attack 170)
┃┃┃┗ Striker’s Bowgun II (Attack 190)
┃┃┃┃┣ Elite Bowgun (Attack 230)
┃┃┃┃┗ Flammenkanone I (Attack 210)
┃┃┃┃┃┗ Flammenkanone II (Attack 220)
┃┣ Meteor Bazooka I (Attack 110)
┃┃┣ Meteor Bazooka II (Attack 160)
┃┃┃┗ Meteor Cannon (Attack 200)
┃┃┗ Rock Eater I (Attack 110)
┃┃┃┗ Rock Eater II (Attack 150)
┃┃┃┃┗ Earth Eater (Attack 180)
┃┗ Marino Burst I (Attack 80)
┃┃┣ Marino Burst II (Attack 90)
┃┃┃┗ Marino Cannon (Attack 160)
┃┃┗ Carom Shot I (Attack 130)
┃┃┃┗ Carom Shot II (Attack 160)
┃┃┃┃┗ Rebound Shot (Attack 200)
┗ Wind Thief Crossbow I (Attack 80)
┃┗ Wind Thief Crossbow II (Attack 90)
┃┃┗ Wind Thief Crossbow III (Attack 160)
┃┃┃┣ Gale Crossbow (Attack 180)
┃┃┃┗ Fulgent Shot I (Attack 170)
┃┃┃┃┗ Fulgent Shot II (Attack 180)

Heavy Bowgun Bone Weapon Tree

Bone Shooter I (Attack 90)
┣ Bone Shooter II (Attack 120)
┃┣ Bone Buster (Attack 170)
┃┃┗ Pukei Launcher I (Attack 190)
┃┃┃┗ Pukei Launcher II (Attack 200)
┃┃┃┃┗ Venomhail (Attack 210)
┃┣ Anteka Burst I (Attack 150)
┃┃┗ Anteka Burst II (Attack 180)
┃┃┃┣ Anteka Blaster (Attack 200)
┃┃┃┗ Dual Threat I (Attack 220)
┃┃┃┃┗ Dual Threat II (Attack 240)
┃┗ Kadachi Cannon I (Attack 120)
┃┃┗ Kadachi Cannon II (Attack 160)
┃┃┃┗ Kadachi Raijodo (Attack 200)
┣ Rapidcaster I (Attack 90)
┃┗ Rapidcaster II (Attack 100)
┃┃┣ Cyclecaster (Attack 160)
┃┃┣ Hidden Gambit I (Attack 110)
┃┃┃┗ Hidden Gambit II (Attack 170)
┃┃┃┃┗ Baleful Night (Attack 190)
┃┃┗ Highpriest Bowgun I (Attack 110)
┃┃┃┗ Highpriest Bowgun II (Attack 150)
┃┃┃┃┗ Bishaten’s Grace (Attack 180)
┗ Sphenische Slayer I (Attack 100)
┃┗ Sphenische Slayer II (Attack 120)
┃┃┗ Spheniscine Ruler (Attack 170)

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