Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Lance

Guide on how to use the Lance weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Lance

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance


X Middle thrust
A Upward thrust
X + A Nagisa
ZR + L + X Guard dash
ZR + X + A Rush
ZR + A Counter thrust
ZR Guard

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Sample combos

  • X → X → X → X
  • ZR + L + X → A → X → X
  • ZR + A → A → A → ZR + A

New attacks

Draw attention

Twin Vine is a lance silkbind attack that forces the enemy to chase the hunter using it. You can perform a follow-up by pressing the correct buttons while the kunai is set to approach the enemy at high speed while blocking.

Effect depends on the damage blocked

Another silkbind attack offered by the lance is Anchor Rage. When blocking attacks with the shield, the hunter gains a temporary attack buff. Anchor Rage’s effect depends on the monster’s attack, giving higher buff when deflecting a stronger attack.

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