Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Weapon Guide

Guide on how to use the Lance weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including commands, combos, upgrades, and new silkbind attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Weapon Guide

How to use Lance Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Weapon Guide

The Lance is one of the fourteen weapon types the player can pick when hunting Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon type benefits from dealing thrust-based damage, charge attacks that hits multiple times, its high range and counter attacks, and its strongest blocking compared to other weapon types.

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For a list of weapon upgrades and weapon tree, read our Lance Weapon List:

List of Lance Weapons

For a list of recommended weapon skills, read our Lance Skill Guide:

Best Skills for Lance

Lance Controls and Combos

Here is a breakdown of Basic Controls and Combos for the Lance Hunter:

Lance Basic Attack Controls

Input Command
X Mid Thrust
A High Thrust
X + A Wide Sweep
ZR Guard
ZR + LS + X Guard Dash
ZR + X + A Dash Attack
ZR + A Counter-Thrust

Lance Silkbind Attack Controls

Input Command
ZL +X Twin Vine
ZL + A Anchor Rage

Lance Weapon Combos

Input Command
X, X, X, B Basic Combo
ZR + LS + X, A, X, X Closing Attack (while Guarding)
ZR + A, A, A, ZR + A Endless Thrusting Combo

Lance Silkbind Attacks

Here are the details for the new Silkbind Attacks of Lance Hunters:

Silkbind Attack Silkbind Attack Description
Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Hunter Silkbind Attack Twin VineTwin Vine Twin Vine is a lance Silkbind Attack that forces the enemy to chase the hunter using it. You can perform a follow-up by pressing the correct buttons while the kunai is set to approach the enemy at high speed while blocking.
Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Hunter Silkbind Attack Anchor RageAnchor Rage Another Silkbind Attack offered by the lance is Anchor Rage. When blocking attacks with the shield, the hunter gains a temporary attack buff. Anchor Rage’s effect depends on the monster’s attack, giving higher buff when deflecting a stronger attack.
Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Hunter Silkbind Attack Spiral ThrustSpiral Thrust Can be switched out with Anchor Rage. A technique that consists of reposition and retaliates with an attack. Makes use of a shield to parry and then deploys the Wirebug to deliver a thrust. Can be used as a distraction.

Lance Best Weapons

Here is a list of Best Weapons for the Lance Hunter:

Weapon Attack Power Element Damage Affinity Materials Suitability
Iron Lance II 100 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Low Rank Quests
  • For 1★ Quests to 4★ Quests
Wind Thief Lance II 100 None 15%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Mid Rank Quests
  • For 4★ Quests to 6★ Quests
Kulu Skewer 160 None 25%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Mid Rank Quests
  • For 4★ Quests to 6★ Quests
Night Rains Black 180 None 35%
  • Coming Soon
  • For End Game Quests

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Lance Highlights

Here are highlights for the Lance Hunter:

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