Monster Hunter Rise - Monster Elemental Blight Guide

A guide on applying elemental blights on monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on elemental blights, types, and how to inflict them on monsters using endemic life (hunting helpers) and wyvern riding.

Monster Hunter Rise - Elemental Blight Guide

Monster Elemental Blight Guide

What are Elemental Blights?

You can inflict various types of debuffs called elemental blights on monsters in battle. In previous Monster Hunter games, applying elemental blights were exclusive to monsters that use different attribute-based attacks on hunters. In Monster Hunter Rise, hunters will be able to inflict them on monsters as well.

Status Effects

Types of Elemental Blights

Name Effect
  • Monster takes continuous damage over a period of time
  • Monsters will flinch more easily
  • Makes the monster’s hide softer (especially effective on a monster’s hard or armored parts)
  • Causes non-blunt weapons to inflict stun damage on the monster
  • Attacking certain body parts also deals stun damage
  • Slows the movement of the monster (no effect when the monster is already tired)

Endemic Life that Inflict Elemental Blights

Endemic life (critters) can be used to apply elemental blights on monsters. Be sure to watch out for the different types of hunting helpers listed below when fighting monsters during quests to gain the advantage.

Hunting Helpers

Name Effect Location
Monster Hunter Rise - FirebeetleFirebeetle Inflicts Fireblight on monsters. Shrine Ruins
Monster Hunter Rise - MudbeetleMudbeetle Inflicts Waterblight on monsters. Shrine Ruins
Monster Hunter Rise - ThunderbeetleThunderbeetle Inflicts Thunderblight on monsters. Shrine Ruins
Monster Hunter Rise - SnowbeetleSnowbeetle Inflicts Snowblight on monsters. Shrine Ruins

Other Ways to Inflict Elemental Blight on Monsters

Wyvern Riding

Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding

Controlling other wyverns that can perform elemental attacks also allows you to inflict elemental blights on enemies. You will, however, need to render monsters into a mountable state before you can ride them.

Wyvern Riding Guide

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