Monster Hunter Rise - Great Wroggi Monster Guide, Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It

Guide on how to beat Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are Great Wroggi's stats, location, weaknesses, resistances, elemental affinities, breakable parts, weak points, monster carve, drop, and reward materials, and monster strategy.

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Monster Hunter Rise - Great Wroggi Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It

Great Wroggi

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Wroggi
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Great Wroggi Locations

Locale Lava Caverns, Flooded Forest, Shrine Ruins
Starting Location
Nest Location

Great Wroggi Stats

Type Element Ailments Inflicted
Bird Wyvern Poison
Roar Wind Pressure Vibration
? ? ?

Great Wroggi Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Points

Weak Points Head
Breakable Parts
Severable Parts

Elemental Affinities

Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
× ✰✰ ✰✰✰ ×


Poison Paralysis Sleep
Blast Stun Desperate
Mounting Pitfall Trap Sweetbread Trap
Flash Bomb Sonic Bomb Trap Meat
× ×
Dung Bomb Dragonseal


Material How to Obtain Notes
Great Wroggi Hide Body carving, capture, drop
Great Wroggi Brace Body carving, capture, drop
King’s Beak Capture Break head
Poison Sac Body carving Break head
Monster Bone M Capture
Wyvern Tear Drop
Great Wroggi Hide+ Body carving, capture, drop High rank only
Great Wroggi Brace+ Body carving, capture, drop High rank only
Toxin Sac Body carving Break throat sac, High rank only
Bird Wyvern Gem Body carving, capture, drop Break throat sac, drop, High rank only
Monster Bone+ Capture High rank only
Large Wyvern Tear Drop High rank only


Carry some antidotes.

Great Wroggi can spew venom during battle. Before heading out, bring a stash of antidotes to cure the poison.

Strike its head.

Since Great Wroggi’s venom comes from its neck, concentrate your attacks on its head to put an end to its venom sac.

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