Monster Hunter Rise - Useful Tips for Evading Attacks

A list of useful tips for evading monster attacks in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including how to perform them, best situations to do them, and their advantages and disadvantages

Monster Hunter Rise - Useful Evasion Techniques

Useful Evasion Techniques

Palamute Mount

You can ride your Palamute to move around during combat without expending stamina. It is also possible to use items such as potions and the Whetsone while mounted, making it a good evasive option when you need to heal or sharpen your weapon.

Palamute Guide

Use the action bar and select “Let me ride!” to command your Palamute for mounting it during battle.


Arguably the biggest advantage of riding your Palamute is being able to use Whetstones to sharpen your weapon even when on the move. In previous titles of the series, sharpening your weapon forced you to become stationary and open to attacks, making the action very risky when engaged in battle.

How to Sharpen Weapons Safely


There are very little disadvantages to riding your Palamute in terms of evasion. Among these are not being able to perform the Superman dive and Wirefall techniques mentioned below while mounted.

Superman Dive

Superman dive is a special dodge technique that lets you avoid a monster’s attack with better reliability than a normal dodge. Performing the move grants you a good period of invincibility, allowing you to evade attacks even with little space to move around.

To perform a Superman dive, sheathe your weapon and start sprinting in the opposite direction of the monster. While sprinting, press B (dodge). If done correctly, your character should execute a forward dive before falling to the ground.


The Superman dive is an emergency evasion method that is good for avoiding attacks at the last minute but requires good timing to pull off. Skilled players can even use the technique to avoid attacks that would have surely knocked them out, particularly when the monster has trapped them in the corner.


The biggest disadvantage of the Superman dive is the time it takes you to get back up after falling down. You will be helpless against incoming attacks for a brief period so be sure to learn the monster’s behavior and patterns of attack to avoid such situations.


Wirefall is an evasive technique that grants you instant recovery after a monster has knocked you down in battle. Using the Wirebug tool, you can avoid follow-up strikes that could potentially leave you stunned or knocked out.

Wirebug Guide

After being knocked down by a monster’s attack, press ZL + B to immediately latch onto your Wirebug and away from the monster.


As mentioned above, Wirefall lets you evade more incoming attacks by instantly moving a good distance away from the monster. This makes it less likely for the enemy to land another hit on you. Note that performing Wirefall also automatically sheathes your weapon so you can sprint away to heal or reposition yourself better during the fight.


Wirefall expends one Wirebug charge which you should be mindful of at all times. This is, however, only a small drawback since Wirebug charges recharge relatively fast anyway.

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