Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth Monster Guide, Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It

Guide on how to beat Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are Somnacanth stats, location, weaknesses, resistances, elemental affinities, breakable parts, weak points, monster carve, drop, and reward materials, monster strategy, and Somnacanth armor set and weapons (equipment).

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Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It


Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth
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Somnacanth Locations

Locale Lava Caverns, Flooded Forest, Frost Islands
Starting Location
Nest Location

Somnacanth Stats

Type Element Ailments Inflicted
Leviathan Water Sleep, Blast, Stun
Roar Wind Pressure Vibration
Level 2

Somnacanth Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Points

Weak Points Head, neck, tail
Breakable Parts Hair fin, arms, tail
Severable Parts

Elemental Affinities

Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
✰✰ × ✰✰✰ × ×


Poison Paralysis Sleep
Blast Stun Desperate
Mounting Pitfall Trap Sweetbread Trap
Flash Bomb Sonic Bomb Trap Meat
Dung Bomb Dragonseal


Material How to Obtain Notes
Somnacanth Scale Body carving Break arm, break tail
Somnacanth Shell Body carving
Somnacanth Fin Body carving Break head fin
Somnacanth Dust Body carving, drop Break head fin
Somnacanth Talon Capture, drop Break arm
Monster Bone L Capture
Wyvern Tear Drop
Somnacanth Scale+ Body carving, drop, capture Break arm, break tail, High rank only
Somnacanth Shell+ Body carving High rank only
Somnacanth Fin+ Body carving Break head fin, High rank only
Somnacanth Sedative Body carving, drop Break head fin, High rank only
Somnacanth Talon+ Capture, Drop Break ?, High rank only
Monster Hardbone Capture High rank only
Wyvern Gem Body carving, capture Break head fin, break tail, High rank only
Large Wyvern Tear Drop High rank only


Stock up on energy drinks

Somnacanth scatters a cloud that can put its enemies to sleep. Don’t forget to bring energy drinks before heading out to avoid dozing off.

Force it out.

Somnacanth is more powerful while it’s in the water. Lure it out to make it more vulnerable to attacks.

Avoid the mist.

Somnacanth scatters a cloud that can put you to sleep. Use the wirebug to move out of the way and then deliver a punishing attack.

Somnacanth Armor Set

Somnacanth Armor Set
Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth Armor Set (Male)Male Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth Armor Set (Female)Female

Somnacanth Armor Set – Stats, Skills, and Materials

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  1. Honestly, I don’t see a need for a guide on this thing. It was so weak that I only ever took a single hit from it. Mind you it was my first hunt on it so, I didn’t know about the AOE attack and how far it reached. It only ever used it once on me though. I literally just wailed on its tail and it died way to fast on me. Honestly, seems to weak to be a four star. I’d rate that more of a two star. I finished with full health and all of my potions as well as the first-aids un-used. Only used a vigor which was sitting in the area. Just mostly sat there and let me wail on it. Felt a bit underwhelming for a four star honestly.