Monster Hunter Rise - Hunter Rank Guide

A guide on Hunter Rank (HR) in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on Hunter Rank, how to raise it, key quests, features unlocked, and tips to increase HR quickly.

Monster Hunter Rise - Hunter Rank Guide

What is Hunter Rank?

In Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), Hunter Rank (HR) is a value that determines your current progress in completing quests.  Raising your HR is important as you will only be allowed to undertake certain quests if you meet the minimum required HR.

How to Raise HR

You can raise your HR by progressing through the Village Quests and Gathering Hub Quests. After clearing a certain number of quests, Urgent “Key Quests” will be unlocked. Clear them to raise your HR cap, allowing you to reach higher ranks.

Benefits of Raising HR

Increasing your HR lets you access various new features not available in lower ranks.

  • Stronger versions of monsters and new monsters exclusive to High Rank (High Rank quests)
  • Stronger versions of weapons and armor sets crafted from materials obtained from High Rank quests
  • Rarer items used for upgrading weapons and armor sets
  • New features and facilities in Kamura Village (to be confirmed)

HR Progression

HR HR Limit Release Quest HR Limit after Clearing
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Features Unlocked by Raising HR

HR Unlocked Features Details

Tips to Increase Your HR Quickly

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