Monster Hunter Rise - Strategy Guides

List of all strategy guides in Mosnter Hunter Rise, including beginner and useful guides. Click on a link to go to its guide page.

Monster Hunter Rise - Strategy Guides

All Strategy Guides in Monster Hunter Rise

Below is a list of all strategy guides in Monster Hunter Rise. Click on a link in order to read its content.

Getting Started

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Get Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-Order Bonuses

A guide on how to get all pre-order bonuses and special edition bonuses in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are all available in-game DLC for pre-purchase, Deluxe, and Collector’s editions and how to claim them from the Nintendo e-Shop.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Features

New Features

List of features in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). including new gameplay features, new companions, new equipment, and etc.

Monster Hunter Rise - Best Gameplay Settings

Best Gameplay Settings

A list of recommended gameplay settings for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including game, camera, gyroscope, and audio settings.

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Sword Hunter Best Weapons

Best Weapon for Beginners

A guide on recommended weapons for beginners in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Each weapon is evaluated based on its suitability for players new to the series and includes their unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages for beginners.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Monsters

New Monsters

A list of new monsters appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are each monster’s title, classification, and brief descriptions based on official source material.

Monster Hunter Rise - Game Controls

Game Controls

Breakdown of game controls in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise - Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

Beginner’s guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), included are an overview, configuration settings, and tips.

Monster Hunter Rise - Permanent Events

Permanent Events

A guide on permanent events and unchangeable features in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Be sure to know which elements and decisions you cannot undo or change after making them before starting the game.

Monster Hunter Rise - Locales


A list of all locales (maps) in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are each locale’s official description, number of areas, materials exclusive to them, and small and large monsters found in each of them.

Monster Hunter Rise - Character NPCs and Services

Character NPCs and Services

A guide on all non-playable characters (NPCs) services and their locations in Kamura Village for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

Useful Guides

▼All Useful Guides
Best Gameplay Setting Best Weapons for Beginners
Best Weapons Best Dango Meal Combos
How to Change Item Shortcuts How to use Target Camera
How to Move Fast on the Map How to Evade Attacks Effectively
How to Capture Monsters How to Earn Zeny Efficiently
How to Farm Honey How to use Whetstones Safely
How to unlock Submarine Slots How to Reroll Buddy Skills
How to Get Kamura Tickets Status Effects Guide
Buddy Scout Guide Tea Shop Guide
Argosy Trading Guide Palico Guide
Palamute Guide Cohoot Guide
Wirebug Guide Wyvern Riding Guide
Petalace Guide Elemental Blights Guide
Talisman Guide Melding Pot Guide
Hunter Rank (HR) Guide Rampage Guide
Kagero Lottery Guide Buddy Leveling Guide

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