Monster Hunter Rise - Best Weapons

A guide on recommended weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Each weapon is evaluated based on its suitability for players new to the series and includes their unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Monster Hunter Rise - Best Weapons

Best Weapons

Below are the best weapon classes in Monster Hunter Rise, including their unique characteristics and properties.

#1 – Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter Rise - Hunting Horn

  • Comes with different kinds of skills such as Slide Beat, a Silkbind attack which not only propels the hunter to deliver an attack, but also gains a boost and Earthshaker another Silkbind attack that sends powerful shockwaves.
  • Casts many buffs that improve one or more of the hunter’s stats (Magnificent Trio and Infernal Melody) depending on the notes played. Buffs can be stacked as well, allowing significant boosts to damage potential to quickly burst down the health of large monsters.
  • Very useful in co-op because of its supportive role.

Hunting Horn

#2 – Long Sword

  • When cleaving an enemy, the long sword raises the spirit gauge which unlocks strong Spirit Blade skills.
  • Offers Silkbind attacks such as Serene Pose which enables the hunter to fight back when under attack, and Soaring Kick which propels you into the air to deliver a powerful kick and when it connects, refills the gauge.
  • Compared to the previous games, the long sword received a couple of buffs that make it suitable for hunts.

Long Sword

#3 – Light Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise - Light Bowgun

  • Ranged weapon that comes with various ammunition depending on the situation.
  • Some shells can penetrate even the thick covering of slender enemies.
  • Comes with Silkbind Glide, a Silkbind attack, that is effective against a staggered enemy in close quarters.

Light Bowgun

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