Monster Hunter Rise - Barioth Monster Guide, Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It

Guide on how to beat Barioth in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are Barioth's stats, location, weaknesses, resistances, elemental affinities, breakable parts, weak points, monster carve, drop, and reward materials, and monster strategy.

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Monster Hunter Rise - Barioth Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It


Monster Hunter Rise - Barioth

Barioth Locations

Locale Frost Islands
Starting Location
Nest Location

Barioth Stats

Type Element Ailments Inflicted
Flying Wyvern Ice Iceblight
Roar Wind Pressure Vibration
Level 2 Level 2 Level 1

Barioth Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Points

Weak Points
Breakable Parts Wings, tusks
Severable Parts

Elemental Affinities

Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
✰✰✰ × ✰✰ × ×


Poison Paralysis Sleep
Blast Stun Desperate
Mounting Pitfall Trap Sweetbread Trap
Flash Bomb Sonic Bomb Trap Meat
× ×
Dung Bomb Dragonseal


Material How to Obtain Notes
Barioth Pelt Capture, drop
Barioth Shell Body carving. Tail carving, drop Break head
Barioth Claw Capture, drop Break thorns
Amber Fang Body carving, capture Break head
Barioth Spike Tail carving, capture, drop Break thorns
Barioth Tail Tail carving, capture
Frost Sac Body carving, capture
Wyvern Tear Drop
Barioth Pelt+ Body carving, capture, drop High rank only
Barioth Carapace Body carving, tail carving, drop Break head, High rank only
Barioth Claw+ ? carving, capture, drop Break thorns, High rank only
Freezer Sac Body carving, capture High rank only
Wyvern Gem Body carving, tail carving, capture, drop Break Head, High rank only
Large Wyvern Tear Drop High rank only


Focus on the forelegs.

Hack away at Barioth’s spikes to break the spikes and limit its speed on the icy field.

Pick a part to weaken.

Each part of Barioth is responsible for its powerful actions. If you focus your attacks on its head, it will eventually lose power of its breath attack. Focusing on the claws hampers its movement, while attacking its tail restricts its reach.

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