Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Weapon Guide

Guide on how to use the Insect Glaive weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including commands, combos, upgrades, and new silkbind attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Weapon Guide

How to use Insect Glaive Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Weapon Guide

The Insect Glaive is one of the fourteen weapon types the player can pick when hunting Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon type benefits from its aerial-based abilities, flowing attacks with good range, and strong self buffs through the Kinsect compared to other weapon types. Kinsects are small insects that harvests extracts from monster to boost your Hunter.

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For a list of weapon upgrades and weapon tree, read our Insect Glaive Weapon List:

List of Insect Glaive Weapons

For a list of recommended weapon skills, read our Insect Glaive Skill Guide:

Best Skills for Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive Controls and Combos

Here is a breakdown of Basic Controls and Combos for the Insect Glaive Hunter:

Insect Glaive Basic Attack Controls

Input Command
X Rising Slash Combo
A Wide Sweep
ZR + X Kinsect: Harvest Extract
ZR + A Kinsect: Recall
ZR + R Kinsect: Fire
ZR Kinsect: Mark Target
ZR + B Vault
X (in Midair) Aerial Attack
A (in Midair) Jumping Advancing Slash
B (in Midair) Midair Evade

Insect Glaive Silkbind Attack Controls

Input Command
ZL + X Silkbind Vault
ZL + A Recall Insect

Insect Glaive Weapon Combos

Input Command
A, X, A, LS + B Opening Combo
LS + X, X + A, A, X + A Basic Combo with Red Extract
ZR + B, B, A Midair Combo

Insect Glaive Silkbind Attacks

Here are the details for the new Silkbind Attacks of Insect Glaive Hunters:

Silkbind Attack Silkbind Attack Description
Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Hunter Silkbind Attack Silkbind VaultSilkbind Vault Silkbind Vault is one of the special attacks that the Insect Glaive offers. Using the attack propels the hunter forward and rotates his body. The hunter can connect one of three follow up commands. While two of these are offensive moves, one can be used to get out of harm’s way.
Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Hunter Silkbind Attack Recall KinsectRecall Kinsect The Insect Glaive also comes with Recall Kinsect, another Silkbind Attack that, as the name implies, returns the Kinsect to the owner when evading. Taking back the Kinsect dispenses heals and refills the stamina. When timed right, you can skip recovery time to dish out more attacks.
Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Hunter Silkbind Attack Diving WyvernDiving Wyvern Calls back your Kinsect while dodging. As it returns, it will perform spinning attacks that scatter healing extracts. Its stamina will fully recover once it gets back to its master.

Insect Glaive Best Weapons

Here is a list of Best Weapons for the Insect Glaive Hunter:

Weapon Attack Power Element Damage Affinity Materials Suitability
Iron Blade II 100 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Low Rank Quests
  • For 1★ Quests to 4★ Quests
Kulu Glaive II 140 None 10%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Mid Rank Quests
  • For 4★ Quests to 6★ Quests
Hortadent Brada 160 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Mid Rank Quests
  • For 4★ Quests to 6★ Quests
Evening Calm 190 None 40%
  • Coming Soon
  • For High Rank Quests
  • For 7★ Quests or higher
Sinister Shadowstaff 200 Blast 20 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For End Game Quests

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Insect Glaive Highlights

Here are highlights for the Insect Glaive Hunter:

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