Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Sword & Shield

Guide on how to use the Sword and Shield weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Sword & Shield

Monster Hunter Rise - Sword & Shield



X Downward slash
A Horizontal slash
L + A Shield charge
X + A Rush slash
ZR + X Slash upward
ZR Guard
L stick down + A
(During combo)
A (hold)
during backstep
Reserved slash
ZR + Y Use item

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Sample combos

  • X → X → A → A
  • A → A → A → X + A
  • L + A → A → A
  • X + L Down + A (hold) X
  • X + L Down + A (hold) A

New attacks

Leaps upward

Falling Shadow is a forward leaping attack that turns into Scaling Slash when it connects. After hitting the enemy, the hunter can perform a Falling Bash while airborne.

360 degree swing

Windmill is another silkbind attack where the first hit interrupts the enemy’s attack. It spend Ironsilk when used.

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