Monster Hunter Rise - Best Gameplay Settings

A list of the best gameplay settings for Monster Hunter Rise, including game, camera, gyroscope, and audio.

Monster Hunter Rise - Best Gameplay Settings

Best Gameplay Settings

Below are recommended settings to play Monster Hunter Rise. Settings marked with (Any) can be adjusted to your preferences and will not significantly impact gameplay.

Game Settings

Tutorial Window Display
Targeting Arrow Display
HUD Settings Display All
Health & Stamina Gauge Fixed
HUD Map Type General Map
HUD Map Toggle Type Toggle On
Player Silhouette (Any)
Damage Indicators Display
Hit Effects Normal
Subtitles Display
Player Name Display Display
Helmet Display (Any)
Send and Receive Chat Send and Receive
Unread Chat Log Display Display
Accept Guild Cards Enabled
Photo Interlock Save Settings Save


Player Action Settings Type 1
Button Hold Settings Short
Directional Control Settings Type 1
Sheathe Settings (Any)
Dash Settings R
Switch L and R Button Do not Switch
Confirmation Button A
Radial Menu Settings Type 1
✜ Controls Action Bar
L + A/B/X/Y Controls Item Bar
L + ✜ Controls Shortcut Bar
L +  ®  Controls Shortcut Controls
⊝ Controls Type 1
Wyvern Riding Movement Controls R
Start Menu Controls Type 1

Game Controls


Camera Shake On
Camera Controls Type 1
Camera Speed (Any)
Reticle Controls Type 1
Reticle Speed (Any)
Gunner Reticle Camera Controls Type 1
Gunner Reticle Speed (Any)
Gunner Trajectory Reticle Controls Normal
Gunner Reticle Controls Type 1
Gunner Reticle Direction Camera’s Direction
Gunner Aim Assist On
Attention Method to Target Camera Lock-on
Target Camera Controls Type 1
Target Camera Vertical Movement Match Height
Lock-on Camera Vertical Movement Limit Height
Terrain Adjust Camera Settings Adjust
Spatial Adjust Camera Settings Adjust
Camera Reset Orientation [L] Orientation
Camera Distance 100


Gyroscope Function Off-Off


Character’s Voice Volume (Any)
NPC Voice Volume (Any)
BGM Volume (Any)
Sound Effect Volume (Any)
UI Volume (Any)
Player Voice Frequency (Any)
Multiplayer Voice Settings (Any)
Sound Output Device Console Speakers
Lobby BGM Settings (Any)

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