Monster Hunter Rise - How to Earn Zeny Efficiently

Guide on how to earn zeny efficiently in Monster Hunter Rise, including overview, tips, steps, and details.

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Earn Zeny Efficiently

How to Earn Zeny Efficiently


Zenny is the in-game currency in Monster Hunter. Hunters can earn zenny through hunts, capturing creatures, or selling items. In exchange, hunters can use zenny to purchase consumables, armor, weapons, and decorations to make hunting more efficient.


Hunters can retake quests that they’ve already done. Before heading out, swing by the canteen and consume some dango which boosts earnings. Sell the rewards afterwards.

After completing each quest, head to the buddy area and interact with Rondine. Here, you can exchange some points for ore. Sell these ores to earn some zenny.

Send a buddy on an expedition and ask it to fetch Might seeds. Keep doing more requests to gain more submarine slots.

After finishing 5 requests, go to the Cohoot nest and look around. You may find some eggs.

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