Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Scout Guide

A guide on the Buddy Scout facility in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic mechanics on how to unlock Buddy Scout, NPCs, hiring Palicoes and Palamutes, and Meowceneries quests and rewards.

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Scout Guide

Buddy Scout Guide

What is the Buddy Scout?

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) has the Buddy Scout, a facility found at the Buddy Plaza that allows you to hire Palico and Palamute companions. These loyal allies can accompany you on quests or dispatched as Meowceneries to obtain rare items and materials.

Talk to Iori to Hire Palicoes and Palamutes

Monster Hunter Rise - Buddy Handler Iori

Blacksmith Hamon’s nephew Iori is the Buddy Scout’s Buddy Handler. Talk to him at the Buddy Plaza to request up to two (2) companions to join you on hunts.

NPC Locations and Services

Buddies During Online and Offline

You can have one Palico and one Palamute with you at a time or two of a kind (two Palicoes or two Palamutes). Note that this limit only applies when playing solo (offline). You will only be able to bring one (1) companion, either a Palico or Palamute, with you during multiplayer.

How to Unlock Buddy Scout

It is assumed that the Buddy Scout facility will be unlocked by progressing the game. More information on this will be added when the game comes out.

Palico and Palamute Customization

You can customize the appearance of both your Felyne and Canyne companion to suit your preferences. These include your new friends’ coat, ears, tail, and voice.

Character Customization


Monster Hunter Rise - Kogarashi

You can send your buddies on adventures to look for rare items and materials by enlisting them as Meowceneries. Talk to Felyne Chief Kogarashi to access the Meowceneries service.

Monster Hunter Rise - Meowceneries

Note that despite the name Meowceneries, your Palamute companions can also be assigned on these quests alongside your Felyne friends.

How to Unlock Meowceneries

As with the Buddy Scout facility, Meowceneries will likely be unlocked by progressing the game. More information on this will be added when the game comes out.

List of Meowceneries Quests

Low Rank
Area Cost (Points) Quest Duration Encounters
Shrine Ruins 50 Scouting Route 1:
Bullfango, Herbs, Great Izuchi, Jagras, Arzuros
50 Scouting Route 2:
Kelbi, Mushroom, Great Izuchi, Jagras, Great Izuchi
50 Scouting Route 3:
Ore, Bombadgy, Great Izuchi, Bones, Arzuros
Frost Islands ? ?
Lava Caverns ? ?
Sandy Plains ? ?

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