Monster Hunter Rise - Status Effects

List of status effects in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including the status type, name, and how each of them affects the hunter in combat.

Monster Hunter Rise - Status Effects

Status Effects

Status effects are conditions which include ailments, buffs, and debuffs. Below is a list of status effects.


Blights consist of ailments that are harmful to the hunter. These ailments affect the hunter’s performance in combat. The hunter can use nulberries to remove blights.

Status Effect
Dragonblight Strips away the weapon’s secondary effect
Fireblight Health reduction
Iceblight Slows down stamina regeneration
Thunderblight More susceptible to stun
Waterblight Slows down wirebug gauge regeneration
Hellfireblight ??? (Only inflicted by Magnamalo)

Other ailments

Other ailments include conditions that have similar effects to blights. When the effect is active, a mark will show up beside the player’s name.

Status Effect
Paralysis Restricts movement
Poison Saps health over time.
Sleep Restricts movement. Takes more damage when hit.
Stun Restricts movement.
Def down Takes more damage when hit.
Res down Resistance to elements is reduced
Bubble Slows down movement depending on the bubbles
Stench Unable to use recover items.


Buffs are effects that improve hunter’s performance. There are many ways to power up the hunter such as consuming items or eating at the Tea Shop. Other ways to reap the benefits of buffs is to use the Hunting Horn or taking a Buddy with you to combat.

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