Monster Hunter Rise - All Item Crafting List

A list of craftable items and ingredients in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including consumable items, traps, tools, ammo, and coatings.

Monster Hunter Rise - Crafting List

Crafting List in Monster Hunter Rise

You can craft a variety of items from your inventory or item box by combining two types of ingredients which are obtained from the environment or from crafting as well.

Consumable Items

Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Potion Herb
Mega Potion Potion Honey
Max Potion Catalyst Mandragora
First-aid Med+ First-aid Med Honey
Antidote Antidote Herb
Herbal Medicine Antidote Blue Mushroom
Catalyst Bitterbug Honey
Immunizer Bitterbug Mandragora
Cleanser Immunizer / Nourishing Extract Kelbi Horn
Lifepowder Godbug Blue Mushroom
Herbal Powder Godbug Herbal Medicine
Energy Drink Nitroshroom Honey
Demondrug Catalyst Might Seed
Demon Powder Godbug Might Seed
Might Pill Immunizer Might Seed
Armorskin Catalyst Adamant Seed
Hardshell Powder Godbug Adamant Seed
Farcaster Smokenut Exciteshroom

Traps and Tools

Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Gunpowder Fire Herb Nitroshroom
Barrel Bomb Fire Herb Small Barrel
Large Barrel Bomb Gunpowder Large Barrel
Poison Smoke Bomb Smokenut Toadstool
Flash Bomb Flashbug
Sonic Bomb Screamer Sac
Dung Bomb Dung
Poisoned Meat Raw Meat Toadstool
Tinged Meat Raw Meat Parashroom
Drugged Meat Raw Meat Sleep Herb
Net Ivy Spider Web

Ammo and Coatings

Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Power Coating Empty Phial Nitroshroom
Poison Coating Empty Phial Toadstool
Paralysis Coating Empty Phial Parashroom
Sleep Coating Empty Phial Sleep Herb
Blast Coasting Empty Phial Fire Herb
Normal Ammo 2 Normal Ammo 1 Gunpowder Level 2
Normal Ammo 3 Normal Ammo 1 Gundpowder Level 3
Pierce Ammo 1 Latchberry
Pierce Ammo 2 Pierce Ammo 1 Gunpowder Level 2
Pierce Ammo 3 Pierce Ammo 1 Gunpowder Level 3
Spread Ammo 1 Needleberry
Spread Ammo 2 Spread Ammo 1 Gunpowder Level 2
Spread Ammo 3 Spread Ammo 1 Gunpowder Level 3
Sticky Ammo 1 Blastnut
Sticky Ammo 2 Sticky Ammo 1 Gunpowder Level 2
Sticky Ammo 3 Sticky Ammo 1 Gunpowder Level 3
Cluster Bomb 1 Bomberry
Cluster Bomb 2 Cluster Bomb 1 Gunpowder Level 2
Cluster Bomb 3 Cluster Bomb 1 Gunpowder Level 3
Slicing Ammo Slashberry
Flaming Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Fire Herb
Water Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Flowfern
Thunder Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Thunderbug
Freeze Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Snow Herb
Dragon Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Dragonfell Berry
Poison Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Toadstool
Poison Ammo 2 Normal Ammo 1 Catalyst
Sleep Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Sleep Herb
Sleep Ammo 2 Sleep Ammo 1 Catalyst
Exhaust Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Exciteshroom
Exhaust Ammo 2 Exhaust Ammo 1 Catalyst
Recover Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 1 Potion
Recover Ammo 2 Recovery Ammo 1 Catalyst
Demon Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Demondrug
Armor Ammo Normal Ammo 1 Armorskin
Wyvern Ammo Dragonstrike Nut
Gunpowder Level 2 Flamenut
Gunpowder Level 2 Combustuna Fire Herb
Gunpowder Level 2 Big Combustuna Fire Herb
Gunpowder Level 3 Blazenut
Gunpowder Level 3 Flamefin Fire Herb
Gunpowder Level 3 Great Flamefin Fire Herb


Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
?? Godbug Gloamgrass Bud
?? Scatterfish Large Barrel Bomb

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