Monster Hunter Rise - How to use Target Camera

Guide on how to use the target camera in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including steps on how to use, configuration, and recommended settings.

Monster Hunter Rise - How to use Target Camera

How to use Target Camera

Go to options

Press the + button to bring up the menu screen and then choose options.

Scroll down a bit and pick “Camera.”

After opening the new screen, go down a little to adjust the settings for the camera. The default option is “Target camera,” you can also change it to “Lock on” or “Do not use.”

Adjusting the target camera

You can configure the Target camera from the camera options. Below is a list of types and details.

Camera type Press L Press L (Two times)
Type 1 Target camera Face the front
Type 2 Face the front Target camera
Type 3 Target camera none

Choose whether you want to modify the height with the target camera or lock-on.

Using target camera

Use the R stick to choose a target

Pick a target and use the R stick to focus on the monster. Look on the upper right hand side to check the icon. Press the R stick again to switch to another target.

Use the L button

With type 1 settings, press the L button once to automatically face the target monster. Using the L button also allows you to change focus or switch items. Double tap the L button if you wish to focus to the front, or hold the L button to change items.

Recommended settings

Use target camera

Among the following options, the target camera offers the best setting owing to its ease of use.

When should you press the L button

The L button is useful for easily focusing on the target whenever it moves out of view. Focusing ensures that you hit the enemy when launching attacks.

You may opt to not use any camera

If you don’t rely on the R stick to look for a target, you can also choose not to use the camera.

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