Monster Hunter Rise - Tips for Combat

Learn how to take on monsters using tips for combat in Monster Hunter Rise, including overview, tips, steps, and details.

Monster Hunter Rise - Tips for Combat

Tips for Combat


There are 14 different types of weapons to choose from, you can spend time trying out each weapon. Choose one of the 14 weapons that best fits your playstyle.

Focus on upgrading your gear and weapon before taking on a formidable monster. Look for Smithy to enhance your gear.

Attacking monsters causes your weapon to get duller in the long run. Prevent your weapon from getting dull by sharpening it with a whetstone. Adjust your radial wheel to easily access the whetstone.

Pair armor set pieces to receive bonus to help with survivability.

Stat Boosts

The canteen menu serves some limited-time Dango. Check frequently until you find one with your desired effect and set it to Usual Order. You’ll always have it ready when you need it.

Managing HP

Depending on the weapon you’re wielding, you may need to do some preparation in advance before healing using consumables. Weapons with the exception of the sword and shield, require that you put back your weapon to consume the item. Time your heals carefully to avoid being punished.


Take your time to get familiar with the combat system and use of weapons through the training area. You can find the training area at the Buddy Plaza.

When fighting a brand new monster, observe its attack pattern to learn how to avoid its attacks. After a monster finishes certain commands, you’ll have some time to close in and land your attacks.

In addition to studying the monster’s behavior, make sure to pump up the game’s volume so that you can hear callouts which precede a monster’s signature attack. These are useful in avoiding powerful attacks.

Search for yellow marks on the monster. These are the areas that you’ll need to hit to score big damage.

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