Monster Hunter Rise - Petalace List and Guide

Petalace list and guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on Petalaces, mechanics, how to get them, and all obtainable Petalaces and stats in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise - Petalace List and Guide

Petalace List and Guide

Monster Hunter Rise - Petalace

What is a Petalace?

The Petalace is a bracelet that you can equip to gain boosts to your health, stamina, or attack power from pollen carried by Spiribirds. The type of buffs you will receive and the duration that they remain active depend on kind of Petalace you are currently wearing.

This list and guide is still in-progress. Please check back regularly for updates.

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How to Get Petalaces

The hunter receives the Petalace from Hinoa, Kamura Village’s maiden, at the start of the game. As the journey continues, the hunter can unlock petalaces from the village elder which offer other abilities.

Petalace List

Rarity 1

Name Stats Rarity
Hunting Petalace I
  • Health Up 30 / Health Gained 3
  • Stamina Up 30 / Stamina Gained 3
  • Attack Up 5 / Attack Gained 1
  • Defense Up 10 / Defense Gained 1

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  1. There are three other petalaces and each of them get upgraded twice. Why isn’t the information for them listed here?!