Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo Monster Guide, Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It

Guide on how to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are Great Izuchi stats, location, weaknesses, resistances, elemental affinities, breakable parts, weak points, monster carve, drop, and reward materials, monster strategy, and Magnamalo armor set and weapons (equipment).

Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo Weakness, Materials, and How to Beat It


Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo

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Magnamalo Locations

Locale Lava Caverns, Frost Islands, Shrine Ruins
Starting Location
Nest Location

Magnamalo Stats

Type Element Ailments Inflicted
Fanged Wyvern ? Hellfireblight
Roar Wind Pressure Vibration
Level 1 ? ?

Magnamalo Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Points

Weak Points Head, arm blade, tail blade
Breakable Parts Head, arm blade, back
Severable Parts

Elemental Affinities

Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
× ×


Poison Paralysis Sleep
Blast Stun Desperate
Mounting Pitfall Trap Sweetbread Trap
Flash Bomb Sonic Bomb Trap Meat
× ×
Dung Bomb Dragonseal


Material How to Obtain Notes
Magnamalo Scale Body carving, tail carving Break armblade
Magnamalo Shell Body carving, capture
Magnamalo Blade Body carving Break armblade
Magnamalo Scute Capture Break back
Magnamalo Tail Tail carving, capture
Magnamalo Ghostprism Body carving Break back
Magnamalo Plate Body carving Break head
Magnamalo Horn Capture Break head
Wyvern Tear Drop
Magnamalo Scale+ Body carving, tail carving Break armblade, High rank only
Magnamalo Shell+ Body carving, capture, drop High rank only
Magnamalo Blade+ Body carving Break armblade, High rank only
Magnamalo Scute+ Capture Break back, High rank only
Magnamalo Soulprism Body carving Break back, High rank only
Magnamalo Horn+ Capture Break head, High rank only
Purple Magna Orb Body carving, capture Break ?, High rank only
Large Wyvern Tear Drop High rank only


Use Wire Dash to use Hellfireblight against Magnamalo

Wire Dashing after Magnamalo has inflicted you will Hellfireblight will remove the blight from you and leaves a small Hellfire orb on the field. This will damage Magnamalo if it collides with it and may knock him down, giving you a good chance to unload on him to stack even more damage.

Be sure to have your weapon sheathed and at least one Wirebug charge available to do this.

Another strategy is to bait Magnamalo into charging at you will you have Hellfireblight. If you Wire Dash just before his attack connects, you will be able to dodge Magnamalo and have him collide with the Hellfire orb you left behind.

Attack Magnamalo’s burning parts.

Magnamalo can also be toppled by continuously attacking the burning parts on its body. These include its arms, tail, back, and head.

Use Endemic life.

Endemic life, particularly, Blast Toads, are also useful for toppling Magnamalo, giving you another opportunity to wail on the monster before it recovers.

Other critters like the various beetles (Thunder Beetle, Snow Beetle, etc.) will also come in handy by applying a number of debuffs on Magnamalo. The Snow Beetle, for instance, will slow Magnamalo down which is effective for when he is enraged.

Maganamalo Armor Set

Magnamalo Armor Set
Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo Armor Set (Male)Male Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo Armor Set (Female)Female

Magnamalo Armor Set – Stats, Skills, and Materials

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