Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - New Raider Ride Feature in Iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will add the new Raider Ride feature, letting hunters travel on certain monsters.

MHW Iceborne Raider Ride

Raider Ride

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the first major expansion for Monster Hunter: World, will add an array of new monsters, equipment, and features. Among these is a new ability that allows hunters to ride small monsters around the map called Raider Ride.

Raider Ride lets hunters mount small monsters called Tailraiders to travel more quickly. The ride automatically tracks and moves to the target monster’s location using footprints and scoutflies. The Tailraider will also move to any destination that the player marks on the map.

While mounted, players can sharpen their weapons, use items, and gather materials they find along the way.

MHW Iceborne Raider Ride

Two types of mounts have been shown in the game’s promotional material. The first is a Jagras used to travel in the Ancient Forest. The second appears to be a large ferret-like monster which can be ridden in Hoarfrost Reach.

There may be other monsters that players can ride depending on the current map, though they have yet to be revealed.

MHW Iceborne Raider Ride

The controls for Raider Ride were also revealed in the game’s E3 2019 demo. Dismounting is done with the X button. The wildlife map can be opened with by pressing the touchpad. Pulling back on the left analog stick causes the Tailraider to halt. Switching between walking and running is done with the L3 button. Finally, the mount can perform a jumping thrust attack with the triangle button.

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