Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Dual Blades Move List and Combos

A list of moves and combos for dual blades in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are normal and recommended custom combos.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Dual Blades Move List

Dual Blades

Basic Moves

Action Input
Double Slash
Double Return Stroke △ (after double slash)
Lunging Strike
Round Slash ○ (after lunging strike)
Rising Slash △ (after lunging strike or after rolling)
Turn Slash Left stick back + ○ (after double slash)
Demon Mode R2
Heavenly Blade Dance Slide +  △ / R2 + x
Demon Fangs △ (during demon mode)
Demon Flurry Rush ○ (during demon mode)
Demon Round Slash ○ / left stick right + ○ (after demon flurry rush)
Demon Double Round Slash ○ / left stick right + ○ (after demon round slash)
Fade Slash Left stick left or right + △ (during demon mode)
Blade Dance △ + ○ (during demon mode)
Archdemon Fangs △ (during archdemon mode)
Archdemon Round Slash ○ (during archdemon mode)
Demon Flurry △ + ○ (during archdemon mode)
Aerial Spinning Blade Dance 1 ○ > △ > △ (during demon or archdemon mode while sliding)
Aerial Spinning Blade Dance  2 x (during demon or archdemon mode after jumping off a ledge or wall)
Demon Dodge Left stick + x (during demon or archdemon mode)
Slinger Launch* L2+R2
Fire Clutch Claw* L2+○
Evade Shot L2 (after an attack)

*Iceborne only

Normal Combos

Name Input
Basic Combo △ (double slash) > △ (double return stroke) > △  (circle slash)
Demon Mode Combo R2 (demon mode) > △ (demon fangs) > △ (twofold demon slash) > △ (sixfold demon slash) > △ + ○ (blade dance)
Combo While Changing Position ○ (lunging strike) > ○ (round slash) > △ (double slash) > ○ (lunging strike)
Combo with Evade Shot (requires slinger ammo) △ (double slash) > L2 (evade shot) > ○ (lunging strike)

*Iceborne only

Custom Combos

Name Input
Archdemon Mode Charging Combo

R2 (demon mode) > ○ (demon flurry rush) > △ (demon fangs) > △ (twofold demon slash) > △ (sixfold demon slash)

  • Very good burst damage combo
  • Used for accumulating enough gauge to activate archdemon mode
Blade Dance Combo

R2 (demon mode) > ○ (demon flurry rush) > △ + ○ (blade dance)

  • Simple combo with high damage-per-second
  • Best used during big openings a monster gives you.
  • Can be canceled to evade shot at the end of the combo*
Twofold Demon Slash Loop

R2 (demon mode) > △ (demon fang) > △ (twofold demon slash) > left stick left or right + △ (left or right fade slash)

  • Infinite combo that can be used to remain in demon mode even when out of stamina
  • After performing a twofold demon slash (△ after demon fang,) remember to add a bit of delay before fade slash to avoid doing sixfold demon slash instead.
  • Can be canceled to evade shot at the end of the combo*
Evade Shot Demon Mode Combo*

R2 (demon mode) > ○ (demon flurry rush) > left or right stick + ○ (demon round slash) > △ + ○ (blade dance) > L2 (evade shot) > ○ (demon flurry rush) > left stick left + ○ (demon round slash left) >  left stick right + ○ (demon round slash right) > L2 (clutch claw attack) > △ (mounted spinning slash attack)

  • High damage combo that allows you to collect slinger ammo to recharge evade shot
  • Puts you at a safe distance away from the monster after the combo

*Iceborne only

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