Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Ruiner Nergigante Monster Guide

A guide on Ruiner Nergigante in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Ruiner Nergigante Guide

Ruiner Nergigante

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Ruiner Nergigante

Ruiner Nergigante is a rare variant of Nergigante that inhabits the Guiding Lands. Unlike its regular species, Ruiner Nergigante sports large metallic spikes on its head, forelegs, and back. These allow it to effortlessly crush and tear its enemies in battle.


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Elder Dragon None Bleeding Dragon, Blast
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head, Forelegs Horns, Forelegs, Wings, Tail Guiding Lands 3


Material How to Obtain Notes
Immortal Shard Body carving, quest reward
Nergigante Cortex Body carving, quest reward
  • Break wings
Nergigante Hardclaw Body carving
  • Break forelegs
Annihilating Greathorn Body carving
  • Break horns
Eternal Regrowth Plate Body carving, drop, quest reward
Large Elder Dragon Gem Body carving, tail carving
  • Break horns
  • Cut Tail
Nergigante Flail Quest reward
  • Cut tail
Nergigante Gem Quest reward
Large Elder Dragon Bone Quest reward
Pure Elder Dragon Blood Quest reward



Upgrade your armor at the smithy to have as much defense as possible. Ruiner Nergigante will be the most aggressive and hard-hitting foe thus far.  Do not hesitate to use vitality, defense, or protection jewels to increase survivability. Having tools like the vitality, temporal, and rocksteady mantles, as well as the health booster, is highly recommended.

Bring aster jerky to cure yourself of bleeding if you get hit with Ruiner Nergigante’s spikes.

Stock up on mega armor skin and armor seeds in your loadout. Max out your supply of healing items, especially mega nutrients and mandragoras, to help you stay alive. You should keep your health above 70 percent at all times when fighting Ruiner Nergigante.

Before heading out, eat a fish platter to further boost defense.


Having earplugs is useful for being able to move when Ruiner Nergigante winds up its metal spike crush attack. It will stun you before jumping into the air. When it hits the ground, massive spikes will shoot out in a large area in front of it. You can move out of harm’s way if you are unaffected by its roar before it performs the attack.

Be Patient

Ruiner Nergigante retains the same aggressive behavior as the regular species while being able to do even more damage with each strike. Fish for opportunities to attack before quickly pulling back and anticipating its next move. Strafe it until it throws out an attack before rushing in to strike.

Use Fast Weapons

Weapons like the sword and shield and dual blades have short recovery times. You can get in a few hits before dodging to Ruiner Nergigante’s side to avoid a counterattack. Rolling under the monster to end up behind it is also a good strategy.

Limit yourself to draw attacks with slower weapons. You can unload on Ruiner Nergigante a bit more if your palico manages to distract it for a lengthy period.

Beware of Follow-up Attacks

After knocking you down, Ruiner Nergigante will often time its next attack to the moment you are getting up. Delay your rise to avoid getting hit a second time. Getting stunned allows Ruiner Nergigante to land a third strike to finish you off.

Break its Metallic Spikes

The metallic spikes on Ruiner Nergigante’s head, forelegs, and back allow it to deal significantly more damage than its regular variant. Unlike its black and white spikes, the metallic ones do not grow back. Break them to greatly reduce the monster’s damage output for the rest of the fight.

Avoiding the Metal Spike Crush

The metal spike crush can be evaded by performing a superman dive as soon Ruiner Nergigante lands on the ground. Sheath your weapon after the monster roars and start sprinting to do the dive.

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