Monster Hunter Rise - Is There G Rank in MH Rise?

Details on G Rank for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on G Rank features and gameplay changes, upcoming updates, official announcements, and speculations.

Monster Hunter Rise - Is There G Rank in MH Rise?

Does Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Have G Rank?

What is G Rank?

G Rank represents the highest rank in the Monster Hunter franchise. Reaching it allows players to hunt G Rank-level monsters to craft the best weapons and armor in the games. Certain monsters, particularly some Elder Dragons, also tend to appear only in G Rank quests.

Is G Rank in MH Rise?

No G Rank at Launch

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement that G Rank will be included when MH Rise launches on March 26, 2021. This means that players can only go from Low Rank to High Rank by progressing through the game.

G Rank May Be Included in Future Updates

Purchased or Free Update?

As with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne which added Master Rank in an update, it is possible that G Rank in MH Rise will also be released sometime in the future. Note that Master Rank is MHW: Iceborne’s version of G Rank included in a paid expansion of the game (DLC). It has not been confirmed up to this date whether G Rank in MH Rise will also be offered as paid content.

Other Added Features

There is also a possibility that a likely G Rank update for MH Rise will also include new features to the game. This is only assumed if the game follows MHW: Iceborne’s trend where it introduced Raider Ride and the Clutch Claw hunting tool, in addition to new monsters and quests.

More on G Rank in MH Rise will be added here when new information is released by official sources.

Ver 2.0 Update (April)

It has been confirmed that an upcoming update (Ver. 2.0) for MH Rise will add new monsters, including Apex Rathalos and Chameleos. The Hunter Rank (HR) cap will also be increased, allowing you to exceed HR7 which is currently the highest rank in the game. The update will be available in April.


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