Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Sworn Rapiers Weapon Stats

Information on the Sworn Rapiers dual blades, including the weapon's stats and required materials to craft it.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Sworn Rapiers

Sworn Rapiers


Weapon Type Dual Blades
Rarity 3/5
Attack Power 182/210
Elemental Damage Water (90)/Water (90)
Affinity 0%
Defense Bonus
Sharpness Green/Blue
Slots L2 (+)

Crafting and Upgrade

Weapon Base Weapon Materials Cost
Sworn Rapiers Rending Beaks I Dragonite Ore x3, Machalite Ore x5, Earth Crystal x6, Lightcrystal x1 2000 z
Sworn Rapiers + Sworn Rapiers Carbalite Ore x5, Dragonvein Crystal x4, Coral Crystal x8, Commendation x2 6000 z
Holy Sabers Sworn Rapiers + High Commendation x3, Dragonvein Crystal x6, Wyvern Gem x2, Novacrystal x2 32000 z

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