Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Xeno Manasheena Weapon Stats

Information on the Xeno Manasheena, including the weapon's stats and required materials to craft it.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Xeno Manasheena

Xeno Manasheena


Weapon Type Hunting Horn
Rarity 8
Attack Power 714
Elemental Damage Dragon (180)
Affinity 15%
Defense Bonus
Sharpness White
Slots L3-L3
Notes Purple, Blue, Orange
Elderseal Low

Crafting and Upgrade

Weapon Base Weapon Materials Cost
Xeno Manasheena Blacksteel Dragonhorn II Xeno’jiva Claw x4, Xeno’jiva Shell x6, Xeno’jiva Tail x2, Xeno’jiva Gem x1 56000 z

Weapon List

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