Monster Hunter Rise - Talisman List and Guide

Guide on talismans in Monster Hunter Rise, including an overview, locations, and a list of talismans and their effects.

Monster Hunter Rise - Talisman List and Guide

Talisman List and Guide

The information is currently based on Monster Hunter Generations. We will update this as we go along.

What are Talismans?

Similar to weapons and armor, a hunter can also equip a talisman. Like armor, talismans provide skill points to unlock active skills.

Best Weapons for Beginners

How to find Talismans

You can obtain talismans by taking quests. They can either appear as obtainable items or rewards for completing quests. Talismans that you obtain through rewards are known as Charms. Complete the quest and the charm will be appraised.

List of Talismans

  • Novice Talisman

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