[FFXII: TZA] Basch Character Guide

This is a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age character guide. We will introduce the recommended jobs, character stats, weapons and the like of Basch fon Ronsenburg.

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Basch fon Ronsenburg


A traitor to Dalmasca…

Age: 36 years
Race: Hume

A general of the kingdom of Dalmasca. He was once a hero who won numerous fights, and known as a brave general. Basch frowns upon injustice, and is highly admired by young people. Especially since, unlike other generals of the nobility, he was a commoner.

However, at the signing of the ceremony, he seemed to have killed King Raminas and was tried for his murder.

It makes you wonder if he was ever loyal to the king…

Gameplay Characteristics

Among all characters, Basch has the highest HP, and as such needs the same armor. He and Vaan have the highest strength of all the classes.

He can be used as a bodyguard or a tank, since he was a knight and protected the Princess.

Basch should take a shield role or a decoy role using reverse or decoy.

Don’t use Basch for magick-based jobs, however, since his MP, Vitality, and Speed are low compared to the other characters.


  • Strength: Numbers involved in being hit by enemies
  • Mist Points: Magic attack
  • Vitality: Status abnormalities
  • Speed: Waiting time between actions
Lv HP MP Strength Mag. Pwr. Vitality Speed
3 139-146 31-38 26 21 20 23
10 304-338 56-79 30 24 22 24
20 667-765 102-161 35 28 25 25
30 1133-1315 150-245 41 33 28 26
40 1574-1836 209-351 46 37 31 28
50 2279-2672 259-439 51 41 34 29
60 2900-3409 306-521 57 46 36 30
70 3253-3842 341-580 62 50 39 31
80 3660-4303 376- 68 55 42 33
90 4215-4960 400-673 73 59 45 34
99 4841-5703 410-684 78 63 47 35

Initial Licenses

Name Contents
Command Attack, Items
Libra Libra
Swords 2 Longsword, Iron Sword
Shields 1 Leather Shield, Buckler
Heavy Armor 1 Leather Helm, Bronze Helm, Leather Armor, Bronze Armor


Quickenings are a deathblow technique. Each character has three quickenings, and will be unlocked by unlocking them in the license board.

All effects deal massive damage to enemies. As the level goes up, the cartridge use will rise like 1→2→3.

Level Quickening
Lv1 Fulminating Darkness
Lv2  Ruin Impendent
Lv3 Flame Purge

Recommended Jobs

* Note: We recommend that you assign Basch in these jobs because they are easy to use and will maximize his effectiveness. However, Basch can use other jobs. Please see each job for details.
  • Monk
    is best used to deal physical attacks, which use up no MP. Amongst the other classes, the monk is easy to handle. In fact, Monks with a few weak points are still effective.Shikari
    Basch doesn’t use magic at all until the end of Shikari. Also, this class is good because it uses a lot of strength. Growing strength is difficult with license.Support Skills aren’t bad and should be honed because you can allow him to master knowledge of medicine until the end.
  • We don’t recommend Magick Jobs for Basch, since any other character uses magick better than Basch. It’s unnecessary to use him for Magick Jobs.

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