[FFXII: TZA] About Mob Hunts

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF 12: TZA] strategy guide about Mob Hunts. This section includes details on the Mob Hunt system and some important notes on accepting requests.

Mob Hunts

What is a Mob Hunt?

As you can see by the name, these are special quests to hunt down monsters, known as Marks, after accepting a request.

These quests don’t affect the main story, whether they are finished or not. However, some sidequests require you to finish some of these requests.

Marks in mob hunts tend to be stronger than regular monsters, and they will require some preparation to take down.

Accepting Requests

Start a mob hunt by accepting the requests on the Bulletin Board, which can be found in every city and town in the game, or by the beach, in the case of Rabanastre.


Clans refer to groups of people who join forces to bring down Marks, and in FF12 TZA you become a member of Clan Centurio.

By hunting down Marks, the clan ranks up. By ranking up, you can receive more requests for stronger Marks, and the clan shops will have more items for sale.

Rewards for Mob Hunts

For each Mob Hunt, you earn some money and some items for defeating specific monsters. You also earn some clan points in order to rank up.

Take Note

Once you’ve hunted down a Mark, you will not be able to fight the same one again.

Because of that, don’t forget to steal unique items and equipment from these one-time enemies. For example, the rare Genji equipment can only be obtained from Gilgamesh, so consider redoing the quest if you fail to steal them.

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