[FFXII: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough – Archades Information Exchange

Sidequest – Archades Information Exchange

Sidequest Availability

  • Access Conditions

To access the Archades Information Exchange sidequest, talk to the Tarot Reader in the Rienna area then talk to the Happy Novelist. Speak to the Tarot Reader again and she will tell you how many more information exchange matches are left for each area.

  • Missable Conditions



Talk to the following pairs of people for each area of Archades in order to collect Pine Chops that you will need to progress through the main story:


1st Person 2nd Person
Tarot Reader Happy Novelist
Lazy Profiteer Researcher’s Wife
Greenseller Vegetable Seller
Good Brother Waiting Woman
Philosopher of Cuisine Dangerous Chef
Tour Leader Bhujerban Lady
Lucky Man Romantic Lady


1st Person 2nd Person
Reminiscing Lady Family-minded Girl
Avid Traveler Traveling Gentleman
Daughter-in-Law Man from Giza
Look-Alike Look-Alike
Talented Woman Akademician
Ardent Woman Ardent Man
Proud Mother Tutor
Poor Husband Poor Wife
Would-be Judge Judge’s Wife


1st Person 2nd Person
Boutiquere Moneyed Gentleman
Farce-Goer Girl on an Errand
Music Appreciator Lutenist
Perceptive Man Historian
Smitten Woman Smitten Man
Builder Artistan Architect


1st Person 2nd Person
Ex-Researcher Determined Researcher
Aspiring Starlet Faded Star
Worried Husband Materialistic Woman
Senior Researcher Failed Researcher
Athletic Woman Avid Reader
Gentleman Onlooker Eager Crier

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for trant switch historian to 1st and perceptive man to 2nd